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Malcolm and De
11th June 2018
Russell & Joanne Mount
11th June 2018

From start to finish it was so Fantastic. It all began when I searched for weddings on the Blue Lagoon and came across your website. My Parents have a holiday home in Turkey so we know the area and knew we wanted to get married there. I asked a few people who knew the area to see if anybody had heard of your company and it all came back good. We also particularly like the look of your company as it seemed more personal and reasonably priced. I emailed you to ask a few questions and you replied immediately. We then arranged a meeting a few months later in Turkey. We met you on the beach whilst a wedding was taking place. My soon to be Husband and I were extremely choked as the whole thing was very emotional and looked beautiful with the backdrop of the lagoon, chairs with the ribbons on the backs and gazebo with flowers etc… I knew then that this would be perfect!. We had several meeting after this as our Wedding wasn’t for another two years and we were in Turkey at least twice a year. Although you really don’t need to meet before. I remember saying to you our Wedding would be quite big, We were hoping for around 100 people! Obviously some people do pull out for lots of different reasons and the average Wedding is around 40! You obviously knew this and thought that would probably be the case ha ha! . I booked the Hen do on your boat for the Sunday night before the Wedding which was on the Tuesday.. My theme for the Hen do was Toga. Seeing 43 of your friends and family all dressed up is very funny and a great start to any party. We hired the whole boat with a meal and disco. The boat was massive, giving you loads of room to dance or like me just jump up and down like a 5 year old! The food was excellent and the disco great fun. Something we are all still talking about. The Big Day! My daughter and I stayed at the Nicholas Heights the night before. We met up with my Sister and the other Bridesmaids in the afternoon at the Hairdressers (Sharon) We all had our make up and hair done which I strongly reccommend! Although make sure you have plenty of time. Then back to the Hotel for photo’s. We paid extra for this and again I would reccommend. The Bridesmaids left first and then my Dad, Daughter and I went with Mel in the car to the Beach. The service was only 10 minutes long and really lovely words, so many people were crying! as it was really emotional. We had the petal drop and the fire show and they were fantastic and everybody was completely shocked as we didn’t tell anyone before hand! The food and table arrangements were also brilliant infact we wouldn’t of changed a thing. Carole and her team did us proud! I can’t express how amazing the whole day was! Everybodies jaw dropped when they walked on the beach and saw the setting. and still now we’re all still talking about it. Everybody said it was the best Wedding they’ve been too and we’re having a reunion next year. Please contact me if you need any advice Sherri and Rob Allen 12th July 2011 Beach Mobile 07900 930 937

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