Kathryn and Kelvin

Hi Carole, First off appologies on the delay with the testimonial, things have been non stop since we got married and we are only now getting round to neing able to do the testimonial. Kelvin and myself would first like to thank Aaron and Lynette for all the support and organisation that he put into our wedding, he was fantastic. The whole wedding was fantastic, we never expected everything to be so easy and straight forward. You took care of everything in and exceptional manor, the wedding completly exceeded all our expectations. The first initial meeting at the site of the wedding was easy and straight forward, Aaron and Lynette talked us through eveything and set our mind at rest for the upcoming ceremony. Everything about the day to Antalya was explained to us and again our minds put to rest. The day to go to antalya itself was quite easy, allthough long, the only thing i would advise it to take something with you to keep you warm when you stop for breakfast, I stupidly went in shorts and vest and froze the whole time over breakfast. I was shocked at how quick everything was when we got to Antalya, allthough i think we chose the wrong day to go to the medical centre as the army were in there getting thier medicals, Typical of our luck. The florist was also fantastic and knew what we wanted and advised us on the best flowrs and the prices were very reasonable. On the day of the wedding I had my hair done by Sharon, who really did have a hard job with my hair as I have alot of it, She was friendly, profesional and efficient, she managed to do my hair and my daughters in the time alloted and that is no easy feat trust me. The Bus arrived to pick up all the guests going to the ceremony, they all got there about 15 minuites before i arrived so they were able to place all thier flowers on thier quits and so forth. The car arrived for me at our hotel and we then made our way to the beach ready for the ceremony, When i got to the venue i couldnt get over how organised everything was, i didnt have to think about anything, other than my nerves. It was just simply beautifully done, my husband became very emotional at the whole experience, the music the beach and of course his beautiful bride. The ceremony was so lovley, the vows were great and i thought they were very fitting, much better than you would get at home. The reception was fantastic, we chose to have a belly dancer, fire dancer and DJ, and i have to say every penny was well spent, the belly dancer got everyone up dancing and got them ready to dance for the evening. The firedancer was superb, he really put on a great show, we would definatly reccomend the entertainment. The food was so nice, the only thing we did wrong was not order enough fish, if i was you i would ask everone before hand how many would like fish, we also had the open bar option, and I must say this was worth its weight in gold, nobody had to worry about bringing money, as alot of us we all inclusive at the hotel it fitted in nicley. All in all we had one of the best weddings we could have found anywhere, and trust me I looked alot. Thank you so much Aaron and Lynette and your team for giving us a fantastic start into married life and helping us to acheive our dream wedding. If anyone would like to ask me questions or wants advice they can e-mail me on kath_elis@live.co.uk , they will also find me on facebook using the same email. Again thanks Kathryn and Kelvin Beach wedding 19th September 2012

Mr Mrs Thomas

Hi Carole, We just wanted to thank you and your team for providing us with such an amazing wedding day. Everything was perfect. Whilst we were a bit apprehensive about how things would be we shouldn’t have worried, it was so much more than expected. Your team on the boat were great, they weren’t in the way at all and everyone had a fantastic time, like us they thought it was wonderful and couldn’t believe how amazing the day actually was. The food, bar staff, photographer, camera man were great and put everyone at ease. The Dvd and pictures are stunning. The DJ was perfect and managed to play our music in perfect order to allow everyone to fully enjoy themselves. Without him it wouldn’t have been the same. All out guests thoroughly enjoyed the day which is captured in the Dvd. We wish to thank you and your team again for giving us such a special day. I hope you provide so many more brides and grooms with such a perfect day like ours. Thanks again Mr Mrs Thomas Gillian Bill Yacht Wedding 20th September 2012

Sue and Chris (Roberts Mum)

Hi Carole, Just a short note to say thank you all for the lovely wedding we all enjoyed ourselves, my brother actually said it was the best wedding he has ever been too. It went really well I preferred it to an English wedding. Thankyou once again. Sue and Chris (Roberts Mum) Wedding Beach 21st September 2012

Helen & paul

Hi Carole, and team we would like to say a massive thank you for making our wedding day so special. the setting was fabulous our family and friends had a great time to . every thing was so stress free nothing was to much trouble. You was always there if you needed any of the team which they were all brlliant our day was perfect from start to finish we didnt want it to end . the fire show was amazing and the dj well worth it the food was lovely the photos was amazing so happy with all of them everything was perfect you have been highly recommend many thanks. Helen & paul beach wedding 22th September 2012

Kelly & Steve

Hi Carole, Hope you and the team are well. I’d like to start by saying what a great job you do! Your communication was brilliant in the year leading up to our big day, nothing was a problem and you made planning a wedding abroad so simple and stress free. The fire show was fantastic and would strongly recommend, we also had the belly dancer who was very entertaining. Unfortunately I do have a few grumbles: Firstly – My best friend and witness was not collected from her hotel although I had confirmed with Lynette that day exactly where they needed picking up from, she ended up having to get her own taxi and only just made it it time. Secondly – I was collected from my hotel 20 minutes late as Steve the driver was given the wrong hotel to pick me up from, because of this our ceromony was rushed and a speech that my friend (the same friend who didn’t get picked up) was gonna read at the service had to be left out. We arranged to have the petal drop which completely missed us twice so was a complete waste of money. Finally – My cake turned up with the wrong colour ribbon on it, it was brown and I had chosen champagne so this didn’t match anything. The food was nice, our video was fun to watch and gave us a good laugh and the photo album was beautiful. Hope this helps Take care Kelly & Steve Wedding beach 24th August 2012

Amanda and Gary

Hi Carole, My name is gary.and after 26 years of being with my partner mandy we thought it was about time to tie the knot but having been together for so long we wanted something special on our day so we looked at getting married abroad we found carol website and to say the least we was over the moon from the very start to the end we could of never asked for any thing more carol themselves just made us so at ease with the whole process it was beyond belief when we arrived we was shortly contacted to inform us of the plans and very much again ease our worries from the mobil phone which we received to stay in contact with them to our great driver we had for the day when having to organize paperwork and cake etc to our so smoothly run meeting on the beach to finalize last details to our so so special day that we could of never dreamt of being any more beautiful than it was it was perfect all of our guest was so amazed how beautiful the set up was and how they also was to be made feel like royalty from us to our guests it all was just stunning with our hands on our hearts we would recommend this special experience to you it was stuff dreams are made of.mr and mrs diamond. Amanda and Gary Beach Wedding 23rd September 2012

Janine and Jason

Would like to say a huge thank you to Aaron and Lynette, her team for making our wedding day perfect! Could not have asked for a better day. It was totally stress free, everything ran so smoothly. Definitely a lovely experience, wish we could do it all over again. Thank you so much, we will never forget all the hard work you put in to make our day perfect. It was lovely Aaron and Lynette, i have recommended you to everyone, you did a brilliant job, just wish we were there now its freezing here! Hope you are well, and yes its fine to put photos on, Happy new year. Janine and Jason Wedding Beach Monday 24th September 2012

Love the New Mr and Mrs Lewis

Hi Carole, this is our testimonial. here goes lol. We are writing to thank you so much for our wonderful beach wedding which took place on Friday 28th September 2012. Myself and my new husband would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the wedding that was much greater than we could ever have imagined. We knew it would be good, but never ever imagined it could exceed our expectations a million times over. From the first email all the way through until the wedding day itself, was done with ease, if i ever had a query or question i would e-mail you and you would reply with great efficiency and promptly, we could not have asked for a more stress free wedding, everything was so organised and done so easily. ” It would not have been like that in the UK, lol”. We were a bit unsure booking a wedding on line and also picking Turkey for the destination as we had never been there before and mixed reviews from people we knew but, it was the best decision we made, we first booked our wedding package with a British tour operator, but when we looked further in to the weddings that was on offer in Turkey we came across Aaron and Lynette, and what you got for your money and the time and effort that was put in to your special day, it was no comparison, so we lost our deposit with that company and booked it with yourself, and we are so glad we made that decision. Turkey is a beautiful country, Ouli deniez and the blue lagoon is absolutely picturesque, a perfect place to get married. We were worried about the day that we had to go to Antalya, we was told we was going to be picked up at six am outside our hotel, so we thought we would be prompt and organised so we went and sat outside at ten to six, five past six came and no pick up, ten past six came and no pick up lol, we both looked at each other and said ” i think we’ve been scammed” we started to panic. then we saw two head lights in the distance, by this point i was bag of nerves, then a bus pulled up with the logo “Aaron and Lynette” we both sighed relief and burst out laughing. We was met by Durmus, what a lovely man very helpful and friendly we picked up another couple Jade and Gary what a lovely couple, it was nice to have company and be able to talk to someone who was going through the same thing as us. It was a long day but made pleasurable and exciting by Durmus. The paperwork bit was done quickly and then on the way back we could pick our flowers in a local florist, I had my bouquet two brides maids flowers and nine button holes and it was £100 it was excellent value for money, I described what i wanted, and when I saw them on the day they were better than I ever imagined, I was well impressed, I wanted to take them home with me lol…. We then went to pick the cake, I looked in the book and there was not alot I fancied, so i described what i wanted a two tier heart shaped cake with one tier chocolate and the other tier sponge, when we saw it on the day, we thought WOW, and the taste MMMMMMMM it was amazing, much better than the cakes you get back home. On the day, it was perfect from start to finish. I had Sharon who came to the hotel to make me into a bride, she did my hair and my make -up, and she made me look amazing, she was so friendly, helpful and caring. she also helped me into my dress and helped do the lace back up, as my mum did not have a clue. Thank god she was there……… lol. My dad, myself and my little girl was picked up and taken to the venue, the guests and my husband were already there waiting for us, the venue was absolutely beautiful the beach the backdrop setting, out of this world, we were a bit hesitant about the time of day we were getting marrie , six o clock in the evening, but it was absolutely perfect.The venue was decorated so beautiful and perfectly, to the colour scheme that I asked for, we both were so pleased. The ceremony was short, sweet and very emotional. We then had photos on the beach which are outstanding, the album that we had was amazing, and something that we never expected, to be so amazing. The DVD captures everything during the evening it was brilliant. We had the micro light plane to drop petals, during the photos, it missed us but we did not care, because the day had been so amazing. It also gave our guest something to laugh at. We then had the BBQ buffet, the food was out of this world, so plentiful to feed all of our twenty five guests, we were all stuffed at the end of the meal. he inclusive bar was brilliant our guest were impressed and made good use of it, lol…….. We had a a fire dancer for entertainment, he was brilliant it kept all of us amused for half an hour. Outstanding!!!!. We then had a DJ, to finish the end of the evening, everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. All our guest were so impressed with the wedding and evening, they all commented on what a wonderful way to get married and it would be a wedding they would never forget. We both want to thank you so much for making our wedding day so perfect, our 25 guests can`t stop talking about it. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company. Anyone thinking of getting married in turkey we would highly recommend using Aaron and Lynette as nothing is too much trouble and everything is so organised and to such high standards at such a reasonable cost. Well all that’s left to say is a massive “THANK YOU” you made our special day, one that we will never forget, and the amazing photos and memories will be with us forever. A massive Thank you to you, and especially Aaron and Lynette who was our wedding planner, he was with us through it all, for all his hard work and for making our day so personal and unforgettable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxxxx Love the New Mr and Mrs Lewis beach wedding 28th September 2012

Tara and Gordon MacLeod. Edinburgh

My husband and I were married on the Blue Lagoon beach in September. Carole made this a day to remember! Everything about the service she provided was absolutely fantastic and nothing could be faulted! For one of the most important events of our lives, the organisation on our part was simple…. A few exchange of emails and Carole did the rest! Everything was thought of, from the colour of the decor (which matched our wedding outfits perfectly), the wedding cake, the flowers, the champagne toast, the photographer, the reception meal, the entertainment, and the trip to Antayla to sort out the wedding papers! All we had to do on the day was turn up and provide a CD with our choice of wedding march and first dance songs… The trip to Antayla was a long one and took up the whole day. But we were taken in a spacious vehicle which had fab air condition! We managed to stretch out across the seats and sleep most of the way! On our return we stopped to go for the medicals, which just took a few minutes and only involved answering some questions 🙂 Once this day is out of the way, you can just relax as you literally have nothing else to do. The wedding day itself was perfect! We only had a small party of 9. Our guests were picked up first from our villa and then myself and my son were picked up in a beautiful wedding car. When we arrived at the beach there was a red carpet laid out for us to walk down and the decoration was beautiful! The ceremony was beautiful and the translator spoke very clearly. The seating arrangements for the guests were fantastic and and our vows were taken over a microphone, allowing the guests to hear every single word. Once the ceremony was over we had a champagne toast on the beach and lots of photos taken. We had the micro-lite fly over us and drop rose petals and the photographs are amazing! The evening meal was amazing. A great choice of food and plenty to go around. We asked for the fire dancer as part of our entertainment and he was actually mind blowing…. Ourselves and our guests were in awe of him. Definitely recommended! At the end of the night, which I didn’t want to come to an end we were all driven back to our accommodation, guests included. I must also add that the staff who worked in the bar were fantastic. They were friendly, helpful and nothing was too much trouble from them.. Also, the photographer knew exactly what he was doing and the quality of our photos are second to none! The whole day was also recorded on DVD, which was a lovely touch and allowed us to share the day with friends and family who couldn’t be there in person. I cannot praise Carol enough. Her efforts and the service she provided were totally amazing!! We had a wonderful day in one of the most beautiful settings I have ever seen. A day I’ll never forget! I am a very, very happy customer. Tara and Gordon MacLeod. Edinburgh. Wedding Beach 29th September 2012

Mr and Mrs Mudge

We would just like to say a massive thank you for our special day, and organising everything! After months of being undecided choosing your company was the best decision. Although I have holidayed in Turkey for 9 years and i knew the area very well, planning a wedding via Email and not seeing the venue seemed very daunting. However with that said it was the best decision we ever made! There is nothing we can fault about the day. The communication with Carole planning the wedding was so easy, any questions we had she would answer within 48 hours, nothing was ever to much for Carole. Everything just ran so smoothly! Everything was perfect, all our family and friends really enjoyed themselves and said how amazing it was! We couldn’t of asked for anything more! Our ceremony was magical, and the setting was beautiful. The reception, food and the service was just amazing. Our tables and the decorations were gorgeous. We couldn’t of asked for anything more! We choose the microlight plane which was lovely however they dropped the petals to late so it missed us! We chose the DJ for the reception and everyone just had so much fun. The photographer was a lovely man and the photos are gorgeous. Everyone has commented on how lovely they are. The DVD is perfect and its lovely being able to watch it back. With that said we would just like to say again a huge massive thank you to you and your team for making our day perfect. We loved every minute and didn’t stop smiling the whole time 🙂 Thank you again for everything and all your hard work. Jade and Gary Mr and Mrs Mudge Beach wedding 30/09/2012

maria and scott

Hi Aaron and Lynette, I cant thank you all enough, my wedding was so amazing, it was magical, from the bottom of my heart, it was the best day of our lives. The venue was beautiful, the views were out of this world, im sorry i didnt get to meet you and thank you in person, but please send massive thanks to Aaron and Lynette and especially David the minister , the vows were magical and ment everything to us, once again sending huge thanks from maria and scott Beach Wedding3rd October 2012

Lots of love

We are finally home & back to reality after a fantastic, fun filled two weeks in Turkey! We just want to say a massive THANK YOU to you, Durmus, Aaron and Lynette, the bar staff/boat crew & everyone else who helped on the day for giving us the experience of a life time, right from the moment we sent you an email enquiry 18 months ago to the day we finally met you in Fethiye, the service, help & advice we received was second to none. You always responded to my emails (most of them more like essays than the ‘quick notes’ they claimed to be!!) within a reasonable amount of time making sure you gave me all the information I was asking for and more. The day we went to Antalya for all the ‘legal stuff’ was no where near as bad as we thought it would be, mostly due to the fact Durmus was so kind, helpful & informative, answering any questions we had as well as taking the time to tell us about the places we were visiting which we found really interesting. He even made sure we had time to do a spot of shopping….much to Andy’s dismay! The choosing of the cake finished the day off perfectly, we were surprised by the number of designs there were to choose from considering the cost was included in the package price and we were super impressed when Durmus told us we could have the cake decorated to match our chosen colour scheme. Having the Turkish mobile really helped us feel at ease, knowing that we could contact you whenever we needed to and was just one of those added extras that really made your service unique to any others we had looked into previously. Our meeting with Aaron and Lynette to go over the finer details, pay what we owed and hand over the favours we had bought was relaxed and convenient as it was at our hotel so we didn’t need to travel anywhere. Aaron and Lynette went through everything with us to make sure everything on the day would be just how we wanted it to be. On the day of the wedding the coaches arrived on time to transport our guests to Fethiye, everyone was really pleased with the standard of service and commented on the convenience of being picked up from our hotel. I particularly loved that my driver (I’m really sorry I have forgotten his name!!) wore a purple shirt, not sure whether this was deliberate but seeing as it went perfectly with the colour scheme it seemed a nice touch! Words can not express the sheer shock and delight I felt when I saw the boat all decorated and with our guests on board, it was everything I ever dreamed it would be and more. Up until that point I had been really relaxed & calm but it took my breath away and the tears began to flow, not just from me either. My mum and Dad also struggled to contain their amazement! Every last detail was perfect, the colours, the table plans, the music we provided was played without any hiccups (something that does not happen very often at weddings in England haha!) Not to mention the backing tracks we provided for our niece, Chloe to sing to, they were played effortlessly and at just the right times throughout the day, with Aaron and Lynette making sure Chloe knew when she was due to sing. (As he did with those who did readings for us as well!) The food was amazing and even the guests who are known to us as being fussy with their food commented on just how nice it was everything was. The one thing that made it even more special, as I said when we saw you in Fethiye was when the taxi boat delivered 2 bottles of brandy so I could have my favourite tipple, I can’t thank you or Aaron and Lynette enough for arranging that. As if the boat wasn’t special enough, to have a James Bond style delivery really got everyone talking!! We really enjoyed the micro light petal drop…more so watching them desperately trying to fly over the boat as centrally as possible despite the breeze! Lastly, the photographs are breath taking. The photographer made sure every photo we requested was in the album & we have looked through the CD loads of times and still keep picking out things we either didn’t think we noticed on the day or had forgotten about. He really has captured the true happiness we felt and the emotions of all our guests. The tranquillity and true beauty of our surroundings are obvious in every single photo. We haven’t watched the DVD as yet, after our English reception we are hosting a film night to show all our friends and family the magic you helped to create on our special day. We really can not praise ‘Beach Weddings by Carole’ enough for making our wedding day so memorable, every single one of our guests has complimented the attention to detail, the organisation and just how amazing it was to witness our marriage in such beautiful surroundings. We can and will highly recommend to anyone to book a wedding through you, it was fantastic value for money and the service throughout from everyone involved was of such a high standard it out shone any hotel wedding we have ever attended! Thank you once again, we can’t wait to see our photos on your website at long last, we have spent the last year and a half looking at those already on there and it will feel surreal to see our faces amongst the other couples lucky enough to have had you plan their weddings! Lots of love Hanna and Andy Williamson Yacht Wedding 06 October 2012

Kind regards

Hi Aaron and Lynette,Happy New Year to you too We were overwhelmed by how wonderful our wedding was and the day went so smoothly. All of the worry and stress of the usual wedding planning was removed as a few quick e-mails to Carole was all that was needed when anything popped into my head. Any and all requests were accomodated and all questions responded to within 24 or 48 hours and everything managed beautifully. The venue is perfect and all our guests commented that it was like something from a film. We kept it fairly simple as this was what we wanted and I felt it reflected our personalities. We had great fun and on the day Carole’s team took everything out of my hands, my wedding day itself was actually a very relaxing day! I would more than recommend Carole and her team to anyone and am happy to answer any queries from any brides-to-be via e-mail. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Jennifer and Nevzat Wedding Beach 11 October 2012 jennifer.connolly70@yahoo.co.uk

Gemma and Mark

Hi Carole Mark and I had an amazing wedding thanks to you and your team. We have been to Turkey for many years and have always dreamt of gettig married there. After seeining your website we went ahead and booked and was so glad we did. The location was stunning, the ceremony was lovely and all of our guests thoroughly enjoyed it. We dreaded the journey to Antalya but it turned out to be a peaceful childfree day seeing the sights of Turkey and the driver Guru was friendly and took us for a bite to eat. Sharon the hairdresser did an excellent job and even came to our hotel to do the childrens hair so they could spend the day around the pool. we chose the DJ and microlite plane for entertainment and the camerman captured some beautiful pictures. We love our album and must have watched the video a dozen times. In preparation to our wedding you was very good in emailing straight back and answering any queries. We would highly recommend your company to others. With love from Mr Mrs Hudson Gemma and Mark Beach Wedding August 1st 2012

Leanne & Louis Morgan

Hi Carole, Huge thanks for a fantastic wedding this year! Everything went brilliantly and I couldn’t have been happier! From the moment we booked Carole was on hand to answer any questions I had (no matter how silly) and kept in touch regularly with anything I needed to know or that I needed to send off. It is scary having little control over the important planning of your wedding but I assure you all that Carole knows exactly what she is doing and knows how to make the whole thing as stress free as possible. By the time we were over in Turkey the arrangements had been made to meet up with Carole’s team to go through the wedding ceremony and all the extra bits confirmed. The worst of it all was the long day out to Antalya, but honestlly it wasn’t that bad. Our driver was great and spoke brilliant english, he sorted all the legal bits out for us and made it all as simple as possible, we even got to have a wonder around Antalya for 1/2 hour whilst he did the work 🙂 We left about 6am and was back to our hotel around 3pm. The wedding day itself was great, I was promptly picked up from my hotel and the ceremony went exactly as planned, the food at the reception was lovely, with plenty to go around my 30+ guests. There was a member of Carole’s team on site for the entire evening incase we should need them, but were not intrusive at all. The bar did have 1 or 2 locals there, but they sat well away from the main bar and I didn’t even notice them until the end of the night so it wasn’t an issue. The photographer and videographer were again brilliant, they caught everything all night long. I do wish I had said to my guests not to ignore the video-camera all night and maybe leave messages or something as there was a lot of ducking and diving lol, however he did catch some brilliant stuff too. A few days after the wedding we met up with Carole in Fethiye to sign off all the docciments to get our marriage registered in the UK, this is also when we got our beautiful photo album! The pictures he chose were perfect and then we had 2 discs which had all the photos taken and the video. I can not reccomend this company more, not only for value for money but also quality of service! Another massive thank you to you all for making our wedding go so smoothly and a holiday all my guests will remember! Leanne & Louis Morgan Wedding Beach 8th August 2012

Kevin and Ginny Bench

Hi Carole, Well people are still talking about the wedding last august, and saying how wonderful it was, and we keep saying if it was not for Carole and Lynette it would not be so, we had the most wonderful day, one, we will never to forget the pictures, the video, the table arrangements, what you see in the pictures is what you get PERFECTION. Every time we speak to people who are thinking of getting married we say go to carols website and look. And we tell them Carole will arrange everything for you . You have no fears in putting all your faith in Carole as she does all so masterfully and so brilliantly. In a word talk to Carole she will always email you back to answer any questions or fears you have, ask me would I do it again hell yes I would with Carole and Lynette at the helm. Our heartfelt thanks go to Carole and Lynette bless you both for making such a wonderful day for us Kevin and Ginny Bench Wedding Beach 10th august 2012

Mr and Mrs Pearson

Hello Carole, Getting back into reality now, we just had our wedding reception at home after our fantastic yacht wedding in Turkey on 14th August 2012. I would just like to say that you made our wedding so special, it was perfect and so emotional, I cannot explain the feeling I got when i was picked up by your driver and made my way to the boat. I came up the road infront of all the boats lined up to see my beautiful bridesmaids waiting for me. Once I saw the boat all decked out and all my friends and family it was the picture that I had envisaged after our 12 months of planning and I certanly was not disappointed, it was beautiful. You and Lynette made it all so easy for us even the trip to Antayla was so lovely and to be honest quite relaxing, it was nice to spend the day just myself and Lee and to see some other parts of beautiful Turkey! I can honestly say that this was the best wedding I have ever been to and as I said to Lynette on the night I will be coming back to England and telling everyone that they need to get married this way. The scenery off the boat the sunset the decorations and all the extras that you had done, the disco the tables all decorated out. The DVD and the photographs are all so professional and we keep watching it back and will treasure it forever. All 33 of my friends and family loved it and all said it was the best wedding ever and the first wedding I have been to where people are jumping into the sea off the boat and watching the joy and laughter from all involved! Once again thank you so so much for everything your team did for us to help make our holiday/wedding an absolute dream come true, Lynette was fantastic on the night and is a credit to you. Hope to see you again, mybe on our 5th wedding anniversary!! Take care, Mr and Mrs Pearson Wedding Yacht 14th August 2012 (Sue and Lee)

Nicole and Gary

Hi Carole I cannot apologise enough for this testimonial being soooo late. I hope it?s not too late but I wanted to send it any to show our thanks. Our wedding was on the 17th August 2012 which is soo long ago but only seems like yesterday. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you, your daughter and your team for making our wedding everything we wished for and much much more. You were helpful from the word go, and it was so nice to have everything organised for us. We can?t believe how great the photos and DVD are, they have captured our memories perfectly and we will cherish them forever. We are so glad we chose to have our wedding with you guys, the location was, perfect, so romantic and looked stunning, all the decorations, flowers, table arrangements. There was nothing to fault. I have already recommended your services to several people. The transfers from our resort to the venue were brilliant, the drivers were professional and very friendly, they put everyone at ease. everyone is still talking about our wedding and how fantastic everything was. The fire show was just amazing, I have some great pictures of my dad with the fire (he looks so scared lol!!) Getting ready was amazing too, our hair, nails and make up looked fantastic!! I will honestly Cherish that day forever, you guys made is so memorable it was just perfect. So thank you, thank you for organising a fantastic wedding experience for us. It was so relaxing and stress free, no last minute panicking as I knew everything was in hand. I just can?t wait for a few years? time and an excuse to come and renew our vows back on the blue lagoon. It was stunning. Take care, and look forward to hopefully meeting again someday. Nicole and Gary Wedding Yacht 17th August 2012

Mr and Mrs Sullivan

Hi Carole Many thanks for all your help through our wedding arrangement. It was such a wonderful day and experience for everyone involved. ‘We had experienced seeing the boat leaving fethiye harbour once returning from a day trip and secondly dressed up for an evening wedding ceremony. We were invited onto the boat to see the boat beautifully decorated for this special occasion. From then on we knew and decided to book our wedding with Aaron and Lynette. Carole was clear with her instructions to ensure everything ran smooth leading up to our special day by contacting us on email and responding to any questions promptly. When arriving in Turkey we met with Lynnette and Arun (Carole’s daughter and son in law) Who were our wedding coordinators to arrange final details for the day, including the whole day to Antayla for the official signing of paperwork at the British consulate. They were both so friendly and made us at ease. The day started with meeting up with another couple who was having the alternative arrangement of marriage on the beach. The driver was laid back and very friendly with great English. The wedding cake was chosen on this day along with flowers so it broke up the day nicely. The day is finished off by visiting the local doctors to finalise arrangements by asking one question ‘Are you mad?’ The wedding day itself was unforgettable. A bus picked up all the guests and car picked up Andrea bringing her right to the boat. The boat as we expected was decorated in lilac and purple and was preparing to set sail out of the bay into the sun. The service was conducted in English and Turkish even the translator wore purple along with the driver of the car which adds to the whole experience. We had a belly dancer and a microlite petal drop which all the guests loved. For the whole ceremony we were photographed and video’d and was made to feel very special. A selection of the photos were put into an album which are wonderful. They are so good we had thought they were airbrushed ! We also received a disc with every photo that was taken and six months on the family are still watching the video. The flowers and the wedding cake were beautiful and superb value as the cost in the u.k would of been extortionate. The whole ceremony went so quickly and before we knew it, we were returning back to the bay. My wife was gorgeous and so happy and I am sure this was down to the organisation of the team and exceeded our expectations in all areas. I don’t just recommend get married, I recommend you get married with Aaron and Lynette. Oh and there was a firework display in the background whilst we were moored up which the guests thought was part of the ceremony (we still haven’t told them that it wasn’t) We had a fantastic day – thank you all so very much. Take care Mr and Mrs Sullivan Wedding Yacht 21th August 2012

Emma and Paul Doyle

Hi Carole, and the rest of the team, (Aaron and Lynette, Lynette, Sharon), What can I say one month on since our big day and it fills me with joy everytime I think about it. The wedding you provided us was amazing, with two years of planning, the organising with Carole, constant emails about queries nothing was too much trouble and the customer service could not have been better. When we arrived in Turkey, we were anxous as we had 55 guests from England coming to enjoy our big day and obviously wanted it to be perfect. We met with Aaron and Lynette who explained what would be happening on the day, new to the role Aaron and Lynette was lovely and made us feel at ease. On the day of the wedding Sharon provided me and my bridesmaid with lovely hairstyles, and could not have been nicer, coming to our hotel room made it a lot more relaxing and ensured we did not have to travel, the day of the wedding was particulalry hot also so it enabled us to stay in our air conditioned room until we were collected for the ceremony. Sharon (hairdresser) was amazing and kind, and nothing again was too much trouble, helped that she was english and made communication of hairstyles etc so much easier. The transportation of guests went smoothly, even considering there was so many of us. The ceremony itself was lovely and so well organised, staff involved made it perfect, even providing me with tissues as I walked down to meet Paul (groom). The photos we got were fab, we both even cried when we saw them for the first time, album was put together brilliant and disc and dvd provided us with so many happy memories of the night. Aaron and Lynette was a constant help throughout the night, checking every detail to our particular preferance. Cannot thank Aaron and Lynette enough, all the wedding party thought he was amazing and so helpful not to just me and Paul but to all our guests. Food was amazing, guests all loved it and the drinks package with the all inclusive deal was a fab idea. All in all, even meeting Carol after the wedding and collecting our photos etc was a lovely personal touch and was perfect. Thanks again Carole, wedding was amazing and your staff are a credit to you and you, yourself are so hardworking and deserve all the credit you I am sure get after every wedding you provide. On behalf of myself and my ‘new’ husband Paul and all of my guests would like to thank you for the most amazing day and giving us all such amazing memories to cherish. Will defo be returning to Olu Deniz, as love it!!!! Lots of love always from Emma and Paul Doyle Beach Wedding 25th August 2012

Paula and Stephen

I contacted Carole in late 2011 and asked her hundreds of questions before booking which were all answered and she put our minds at rest. We have been regular travellers to the area so knew how beautiful the place is. We finally booked the Yacht and the date that we wanted. Carole contacted us on several occasions to advise us when to get the impediment to allow us to marry, to ask about colour schemes and to give us a full and detailed run through of how the order of service would run. We arrived in Turkey 2 weeks before we married and Carole had arranged a meeting on the yacht about a week before, also the consulate appointment in Antalya. The long journey wasn’t bad and the driver was fantastic he stopped when we wanted him to as we were travelling with 2 children, he stopped at some stunning spots so we could grab some fantastic photographs. Carole put me in touch with a hairdresser and beautician she also gave us a mobile phone to enable us to contact her and vice versa. The day itself was perfect, the driver came to our hotel and picked myself and our 3 bridesmaids up whilst the rest of the wedding party were taken to the yacht by coach. On arrival the photographer was waiting and all the guests were on the yacht, we greeted everyone and had some photographs taken. The ceremony was perfect and we loved the vows, simple yet said everything that you would want. Champagne toast some dancing and then more photographs then we sat to eat, the food was lovely and there was plenty for everyone. There was a mic for the speeches if you choose to have them, then the DJ played music that we took with us. The whole team were so good and helpful you can arrange your own seating plan if you wish, you decide on the 1st dance, speeches etc. It’s just so chilled and stress free, I wish we could go back and do it all again and I would not hesitate in recommending Carole and her team to organise your wedding day. We met Carole the day after the wedding in Fethiye to get our paperwork to bring back to the UK and collect our wedding album, photo disk and DVD or our perfect day Paula and Stephen Testimonial Yacht Wedding 28th August 2012

Heather & Lee x

Hello Carole, Lynette Aaron and Lynette, We would like to thank you for making our Wedding Day a special one . We were a bit daunted at the fact we had never been to Olu Deniz before, so it was a big risk to us. We were given Our wedding date when we booked the wedding by Carole through e mail, and just before we flew out to Turkey we had the email of the date we were doing the long trip to Antalya. We wasnt looking forward to this i must admit but its not half as bad as its stated by other brides and grooms in last years testimonials. Dumus our driver and helper with the paper work picked us up from our Hotel the Alize at 6am,we then drove around the corner to pick another couple up to do their paperwork the same time as us. We were told if we wanted to stop just let him know , we stopped for breakfast, and also for a fantastic view on the way, and no sooner we had done that we were in Antalya, we did take a couple of long sleeved tops as that early in the morning in the moutains its a bit chilly. Our first stop was at the British Consulate ,we filled a few forms in and gave our passports over,next we drove to the Turkish Consulate, Dumus went there on his own and told us to be back within half and hour and go for a drink . We then travelled back to the same stop we had breakfast , lunch was being served if you wanted it, Dumus then had two photo albums, one for flowers and the other for wedding cakes, we picked our wedding cake and the other couple did the same and they picked flowers from the other album ,i didnt want flowers as i had made mine from silk flowers for all my guests ,ushers,groom bestman.bridesmaids and myself. We then were taken into Fethiye and went to have a medical, there is no blood test it was just going into see the doctor he looks at you and signs your papers and thats it . Dumus then walked down to the town with us so the other couple could go to the florist as they wanted to see them and discuss their flowers , after that we were taken back to our hotel where we went and got the bits to go on our wedding cake when being made, it was about 4.30pm, It seems a long day but lots to do. I had originally booked the hairdresser that Carole suggests, but the day i was due to have my practice, the hotel i was staying in would not allow an outside hairdresser into the complex as the hotel has its own hairdressers. I had my hair done in there and i must say she was brilliant, she did 4 of my guest my mum and all my bridesmaids as well everyone was pleased Dumus gave us a date to go to the beach with all the favours table settings etc…… So we went down and there we met Lynette she was Caroles Daughter and Aaron and Lynette Caroles Son in Law both were very nice people they then talked us through the ceremony and what happens, also we picked the food for the reception and gave our disc over of the songs we wanted for the walk down the aisle,the toast and the first dance. They then gave us a mobile phone so if we needed them or had any problems they were on hand. On the day of the wedding the coach picked everyone up and my bridesmaids went down in two taxis, then a car picked me and my dad up . We arrived at the beach and they started to play the music everthing went well its all translated into english by Lynette, so its a nice ceremony, The photographer is fab his photos are superb and the video man is great too the only downfall at the wedding was the microlight that was a complete waste of time for £90 what we paid , i thought with him doing so many weddings he would know the spot to drop the rose petalshe was way off the mark it went in the lagoon and he was late and it was getting dark, you dont get nothing back if he fails so please be aware of that. The Belly dancer was great she had everyone up dancing and the DJ was fab he played all what we asked for and the wedding cake tasted out of this world it melted in your mouth, The evening was over so quick but it was the best time we had and Aaron and Lynette was on hand all night if we needed something he was there a great and helpful guy. The bus came to take us all back to the hotel and everyone is still talking about the fantastic time they had at our wedding. Before we went home we met Carole in Fethiye to get our marriage certificate and our photos and video. We had a wonderful time and great memories of our wedding in Turkey and thats down to Carole, Lynette and Aaron and Lynette Thanks Love Heather & Lee x Beach wedding 29th August 2012

Julia & Paul

Hi Carole, sorry its taken so long to get back to you. Thank you so much for our amazing wedding. you & your team were fantastic. i am sorry i never got to see you again before we went as we wanted to thank you in person. The photos & DVD were perfect thank you. Yes I am more than happy for you to add any pictures from our wedding & I have included a testimonial : . We can’t thank Carole & her fantastic team enough for our beautiful,perfect beach wedding. We had originally booked our wedding with Thomas cook but felt very let down by them. I then found Carole on her site & I contacted her & with in days she emailed me back. It was like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders. We were having a beach wedding & our reception for 45 guests, with a dj & fire show. When we arrived in Turkey Carole met with us & organised everything with how we wanted it,from the flowers, to make up & a hairdresser. Everyone she recommended were just fantastic & everything was just perfect. The venue on the beach was absolutely stunning. The team were amazing with us & all our guests,nothing was too much trouble for them. The whole day couldn’t of gone better for us & all our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been too. A beautiful setting, fantastic team looking after us, lovely food, an amazing fire show, music & dancing the night away. It was everything we had hoped it would be & so much more. Now we have our amazing photos & DVD to remember it by which were all provided by Carole. Once again it was all made possible by Carole so thank you so much. Julia & Paul x I hope this is ok & thank you once again for our amazing wedding. Kind regards Julia & Paul Beach wedding 30th August 2012

Craig and Jemma Shaw

Big thanks to Carole and her team for giving us the perfect wedding day. From start to finish everything went perfectly and was all very well organised. I was a bit wary organising my whole wedding by email but I need not have worried. We weren’t looking forward to the Antalya trip very much, but it was a good day and didnt feel as long as it was. I must say Sharon who done my hair is one of the best hairdressers I’ve ever met, she done my hair and 5 friends and we were all so pleased, the detail and time she spent doing my hair was amazing, I was so so pleased with it. The wedding itself was fantastic, the location is just beautiful, the bbq buffet was lovely and the free bar certainly pleased our guests. We had the fireshow, which was fab, our guests loved it and also a dj which played all our requests. It was a truly amazing day. The pictures from the photographer are just brilliant as is the dvd. I cant recommend Carole and her team more and which we could do it all over again. Thank you all, Much love Craig and Jemma Shaw Beach Wedding 31.08.2012


Hello Carole, I would like to thank you for the wonderful wedding you planned for my daughter Stacie. It was absolutely perfect from start to finish. Also could you please give my thanks to Sharon the hairdresser, she done us all proud. Everyone remarked on how lovely our hairs looked. All the guests really enjoyed themselves. It was very emotional and very beautiful, it was more then I could ever of dreamed of, and I would recommend you to anyone. The photos and DVD were fabulous and it so lovely the we have something so good to look at to remind us of the wonderful day. Many thanks again Carole, as a mother of the bride I cant thank you enough for making my daughters day so special. Regards Alison Hawes 02 September 2012

Neil and Rosie

Hi Carole, Neil and Rosie’s wedding day was the happiest of our lives and we must say that Carole certainly made our dream come true. Everything went according to Carole’s planning which was extremely thorough. We booked a boat through Carole two days before the Wedding and took our guests on an Island cruise and this had amazing views of Fethiye. We all enjoyed the day tremendously because all the guests got to know each other before our big day. The setting was perfect on the beach with the sun setting and we were happy with all the photos and the video taken. In fact I think the two men taking the video and pictures enjoyed our wedding so much they stayed to the end! The video and photos were all ready to pick up quickly after the wedding. On the big day we had 50 guests from England and everyone said it was the best Wedding they have ever been to. The sounds system worked well and our friend who is a DJ did the music for us. We hired the runner ups of Turkey got Talent and their dancing show wowed our wedding guests. The food was very tasty and plentiful and we had free drinks at the bar most of the evening. Carole also had plenty of people around to help solve any problems that could happen, and they stayed with our wedding guest till the last one left During our stay in Turkey Carole spent a considerable amount of time with us to make sure every fine detail was perfect. We both felt the package incredibly good value and would recommend to anyone to use Carole and get married at the beautiful Blue Lagoon Turkey. Best wishes Neil and Rosie beach wedding 3rd Sept 2012

Mrs Cheryl Williams and Mr Russell Williams.

Hi Carole, Happy new year to you. I do apologise we have been so busy since we have been back. I have been meaning to write to you. We got married on September 5th 2012 and our day was perfect. Everything leading up to our wedding day was stress free, youre responses through email were always quick and re-assuring. The day was beautiful, all our guests commented on how perfect the day was and nothing had gone wrong. myself and my husband had the best day of our lives the weather was perfect the cake, flowers, food an the decour were all beautiful and just how we wanted it to look. We paid for the full wedding package and this was a fantastic price for what was included, the free bar was great and perfect for our families!! we also have a beautiful album and DVD of our day this was also included in the package which we felt was fantastic. Thank you for the most perfect, special day of our lives. We cant thank you and your team enough for such a perfect day. We would reccommend you to anyone that thinks about getting married abroad as in our eyes everything was so well organised and a day we will never forget. Many Thanks Mrs Cheryl Williams and Mr Russell Williams. Wedding beach 5th September 2012

Kylie and William

Hi Carole Sorry I’ve been meaning to write a testimonial since the wedding so sorry its taken til now. I dont mind you using pictures and you can use my email address if anyone wants to contact me. The wedding was amazing and far exceeded what we hoped for. You were really helpful and constantly replied to any of my emails within a short space of time. Anything that may have been a slight concern I was contacted about immediately. The food was lovely everyone said it was really nice especially the cake which was absolutely lovely and I really wasnt expecting a cake that big or that nice as i’ve seen others from people who have been married in Turkey and they werent anywhere near as nice as mine. I was really worried about booking the wedding as I’m not brilliant on the computer and was worried about booking through someone in another country as theres not muchto assure you that you are a legitmate company (although once out in Turkey I noticed that your a very reputable company and been around for a while), however from the moment we arrived in Turkey and met up with your staff (especially your son in law) our fears vanished. Giving us a mobile in case we had any problems was a great. Your son in law was extremely helpful and laid back and really put us at ease all the way through the night and explained everything that was going on and gave us full rein to change anything if we wanted to. We had an amazing night and every step of the process was easy and I really think your website and pictures do not do your service justice! Thanks once again and I would definately recommend you to anyone for an amazing wedding day! Thanks Kylie and William Wedding Yacht 6th September 2012 email:kylie954@hotmail.com

Danny and Gemma

Hi Carole, Happy New year to you too, I hope business is good! Please take the following as my testimonial: From the first meeting through to handing back the phone on completion of the wedding night Carole and Aaron and Lynette were exemplary in the organising and execution of our wedding. When you have spent a large sum of money on a wedding in a foreign country is very reassuring to get daily phone calls from Aaron and Lynette checking in and asking if we have any problems. They thought of all the little things that make a wedding and made sure they were spot on, in fact, they made sure the day went without any surprises; apart from the DJ playing Suspicious Minds, that got a laugh I can tell you! I honestly can’t praise them enough, the food was good value, the extra things like car and fire show etc were well worth the money. I would without hesitation recommend using Carole and her team again and in fact I will be when it’s time to renew our vows. Basically if you want an idyllic set, well managed relaxed style wedding that would easily cost in excess of 15K in the UK (I looked), then choose Turkey and choose Carole. Danny and Gemma Kind regards Danny and Gemma Lomax Beach Wedding 13th September 2012

Janet & Gaz xxx

Hi Carole, Would just like to say a very massive thank you for our wedding. You kept us in touch with everything that we needed to know right from the start. I must admit that the trip to Antalya was very tiring and involved alot of travelling but we met a lovely couple who shared it with us. We went to met Aaron and Lynette at the end of this day too so we were out for 12 hours!! Aaron and Lynette was fantastic though & explained everything we needed to know for the day. Our wedding itself was out of this world. Nothing went wrong. It went very smoothly. Food was delicious hats off to the chef! Belly dancer broke the ice & everyone got up with her then it was one mad party we even played musical chairs. Aaron and Lynette was brilliant throughout the wedding nothing was too much trouble. Cake & flowers were beautiful. We didn’t expect such a beautiful photo album it was gorgeous. We also had dvd and disc with over 500 photos on it. Just one word EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for making our wedding so special. Lots of love Janet & Gaz xxx Beach wedding 14th September 2012

Neil ;Jodie Jones

“Thank you for making our wedding day perfect” We had our wedding on the beach on 15-09-12, it was perfect. The setting was beautiful and provided lots of fantastic pictures, the meal was lovely and we really couldn’t have asked anymore of the very helpful staff. We had a great day, leading upto the wedding was stress free,anything what we wanted was done for us 10 out of 10. We had English people to talk to if we needed to phone them at any time. All in all a great time had by everyone. big thanks from Neil ;Jodie Jones Beach Wedding 15th September 2012

Jane and Gary Wilson

Hi Carole, We would like to thank Carole and all her team in making our Wedding day everything we had dreamed it would be. If anyone is thinking about getting married in Turkey go through Carole. From day one she responded quickly to emails and put are minds at rest. it was all done in stages and each stage she told us what and when to do things so it wasn’t all to much. It was hard because it was all done by email but please be assured she is very professional and thinks of everything and its no lie when I say all you have to do is turn up on the day. Arran, Kelly Sharron and Durmus were fabulous, we met Arran a few days before the Wedding at the beach and he took us through everything step by step, Kelly was so nice and helped on the day making sure everything was perfect. The day you have in Antalya was long but exciting too, we went with another couple which really helped and our driver Durmus was so nice spoke excellent English and made us feel assured. We picked our cake and flowers with him so we did it all in one day but then we could relax and enjoy the last few days before the wedding. Sharron came to our villa to do our hair and makeup, she did a lovey job and great value for money. We meet Carole a few days after the wedding to do the last bit of the legal information and she gave us our pictures and Dvd. Please do not worry if you do not get to see Carole until after the Wedding, she has a fantastic team very professional and they are in contact with Carole all the times. Thank you Carole once again please use any of our pictures for the site and if anyone wishes to email me please feel free. Jane and Gary Wilson Beach Wedding 17th September 2012 jane.blay@hotmail.co.uk

Mr & Mrs Macfarlane

Hi Carole, Happy new year! Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the hard work and planning that went into our wedding! There wasn’t anything that I could fault every little thing was planned to perfection and we had no worries about anything. We completed legalities a few days before the wedding the part I was dreading but this wasn’t as bad as we where both expecting. This was an early start the driver was brilliant he helped with all the paperwork after the legalities we picked flowers and the cake we wanted. Which both the florist and baker made an amazing job! Carole took time to go over the details a couple of days before the wedding and at this meeting we discussed our finishing touches! There wasn’t a part of the day that was left to chance it was all planned so no need to worry about anything. The whole day was spectacular better than we could ever have expected. A big thank you to Aaron and Lynette and the staff on Yacht thank for making our day so special. I would highly recommend Sharon for hair and Goldfinger salon for beauty treatments. Sharon came to our hotel on the day this was arranged when I had met Carole a few days before. I had some beauty treatments carried out the day before the wedding and the Goldfinger salon picked me up and dropped me at the hotel. Thank you so much for everything and making our day amazing! Mr & Mrs Macfarlane Wedding Yacht 18th Septemer 2012

Shane & Hayley

Hi Aaron, Happy New Year We are well thank you, hope you are well Can’t believe how quick it has gone since our wedding. Yes we would be happy for you to use some of the photos and we have written our testimonial below: Our wedding was the first one in 2012 and Aaron made it everything we could wish for and with her organisation made everything run smoothly. Contact was made through email with Aaron and he kept us update with what we needed to do and when, appointment was arranged to meet up with Aaron when we arrived in Turkey and go through everything we needed to and visit the location where we were getting married. Aaron and the team catered to all our guests by doing a range of food as we had English and Iranian Family. We had DJ, Fire show and Turkish Dance group which were all brilliant and everyone enjoyed. We had the photographer and videographer and they were both amazing, lovely to have the memories. Me and my Husband and all our family and friends had an amazing time, we would like to say a big thank you for everything Shane & Hayley Beach Wedding 2nd May 2012

Mr & Mrs Barnett

Hi Aaron and Lynette, Hope you well, would just like to say thank you for the best day of our life’s it was amazing so much better than we could ever imagined. Everything went just the way i wanted it so relaxed, all my guests had the best time ever. The buffet was perfect too lots of choices.The weather on the day was perfect, thank you again to you all. Mr & Mrs Barnett Beach wedding 19th May 2012

X Amanda and Garry Knight

Hi Carole, Firstly, I’m so sorry it has taken us this long to get back to you but life has been hectic as usual with two little ones! We’d be very happy for you to include this testimonial on your website along with any of our photos… hope it’s not too late! We would recommend your service to anyone considering getting married abroad. We decided to use you after seeing numerous recommendations on the Internet, even though we wouldn’t have even considered using an independent wedding planner before this. We had absolutely nothing to worry about. Your service was amazing from start to finish. Your experience showed as there was no stress on our part at all…which was very important when bringing our two young children with us. Every email sent to you beforehand with any query was responded to immediately. As we had never met you before arriving in Turkey for the wedding we had the obvious usual concerns that everything was in place, but everything went smoothly. The trip to Antalya for the paperwork without a single hiccup. The thought was more daunting but we actually quite enjoyed it. We must mention Guru the driver/interpreter/organiser. He was fantastic. We were quite concerned about how things would go at the embassy but not at all what we expected. Everything was done by Guru…we barely spoke to anyone! He also took us to the florist on the way back… again very straightforward and we chose our cake from an album. Carole arranged for our first meeting with her to be just before another wedding at the beach venue. Brilliant idea for us to see another wedding before ours. Completely put our minds at rest. On the day all the ladies went to Goldfingers salon to have a variety of treatments/makeup…arranged through Carole. Took a long time so had to rush a bit getting dressed back at the hotel but I was so pleased with what Sharon did with mine and my bridesmaids hair. I think Sharon now goes out to the brides hotel which sounds like a good idea!! The beach setting is lovely. We really want to say a special thank you to Lynette… Carole’s daughter. Ours was the first wedding Carole had left her completely in charge of on the day and she did an amazing job. She is so friendly and approachable…just a lovely lady. She even played ‘mum’ to my 2 yr old daughter when she got tired!! Thank you Lynette…you really helped make it so special x We paid for the following extras: micro lite petal drop, fire show and the Turkish singing duo. All were fantastic. The musicians were the most expensive option but we prefer live music and as we had a small number of guests we didn’t mind the cost so much! They were really talented and played a variety of English and Turkish music… Exactly what we wanted. Would really recommend the fire show aswell. A real talking point (especially if you don’t tell your guests as we didn’t!) Lastly, we thought the photographer and videographer did a really good job. We were really pleased with the results (over 400 of them on cd all included!!)…and I do both for a living so I’m more fussy than most!! Brilliant last shot of the videographer doing the Macarena with all of us! We had a truly amazing day…all our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and thought it was so personal and relaxed. I’m more than happy to be contacted with any questions from prospective couples. Thanks again Carole & team! Ps. Hard to believe we’re nearly celebrating our 1st anniversary! X Amanda and Garry Knight amanda3572@hotmail.com Beach wedding 22th May 2012

Mr and Mrs Dobbs

Hi Carole, We would just like to say thank you very much for organising our Wedding in Fetiye. From our initial contact, through to the actual day itself and even after, the help, advice and effort you put into our special day was more than appreciated by not only ourselves but also our guests. when we arrived in turkey you gave us the date to go to the consulate and even though it was an early pick up it was a long day but worthwhile getting all the wedding paperwork sorted out , we picked the cake on the way back and went to the flower shop to pick our flowers both of which were lovely. you also arranged for the flowers to be delivered to the hotel so we could hand to our guests. We were even able to provide you with our own music and a schedule of when to play each song. The boat looked amazing and we were blown away by how beautiful it was. You matched our colour scheme perfectly and everything from the table decorations to the food was outstanding. our guests commented on what a perfect way to get married on a boat at sunset absolute paradise! The wedding vows were read in both Turkish and English and were beautiful . Following the champagne toast and lots of photos with a backdrop of the sunset and breathtaking views, we took our tables for the reception. Again the attention to detail was faultless with a little dainty parcel of Turkish delight at every place setting. Our thanks to everyone involved in making ours and our guests such a “PERFECT” day And even when the day itself is over, it doesn’t stop there…The photo’s, the album and DVD are also amazing… A great way for family and friends who could not be there to be a part of our special day. For anyone wanting to get married in Turkey we can not recommend Carole enough, she organises everything with military precision. We were a little apprehensive (who wouldn’t be letting a total stranger organise their wedding day without even meeting them!), but we can honestly say there is no need to worry, Carole organises everything for you, she’s only an email away and any question or query you might have is answered virtually by return. we would be very happy for you to use our album photos on your website if you so wish. Again Carole and your wonderful staff Thank you so much for everything and we are hoping to return to renew our vows one day. We wish you the best for many more weddings in the future. Mr and Mrs Dobbs Yacht wedding May 25th 2012

Rachael and Darren Martin

Thank you so much for giving Darren and myself a truly magical wedding. It was out of this world. Initially we were worried about booking our wedding online, as you hear so many horror stories, but you and your team provided a stress free, professional and A class service. all the information you provided online, was extremely useful and allowed us to be organised and prepared for our wedding. all emails and queries were answered promptly. The Antalya trip is a long day, but the driver was great company, the scenery on the drive was stunning. I would highly recommend the hairdresser, she did a stunning job with me and my bridesmaids hair and makeup. and the mobile phone provided was essential. as for the wedding itself the yacht was set up beautifully and the crew provided a fabulous service, there was a bit of a problem with the music as the sound system wasn’t compatible with my ipod. however the DJ did a stand up job and kept us dancing all night. the setting for our wedding was just perfect, with the sunset and scenery. we couldn’t have asked for better weather. the photographer and camera man were superb, the photos are stunning, and the album we received was good quality with full sized photos on each page. the food was of a high standard and the free bar was drank dry. the cake looked and tasted amazing. the only down side to the whole experience is that it went by so fast. all the little details really made it for me, like the hand crafted ring cushion, waving goodbye to the registrar as he left in his little boat, and the attention to detail with everything, you clearly love what you do and it shows All our guests said that it was one of the best weddings they had been to and loved the yacht, i know that your big day is supposed to be all about the bride and groom, but all our guests were given the same quality care and attention we were. Once again i just want to say Thanks again Carole for a truly unforgettable PERFECT wedding we really couldn’t have asked for any more. please feel free to use any of our photos for your site. I would highly recommend you to anyone and have all ready, if anyone wants to email me about anything feel free, rachaeljukes@hotmail.com. we will be back next year for our anniversary. Rachael and Darren Martin Yacht wedding may 29th May 2012

Rebecca and Mark

Our wedding was may 2012 and went for a beach wedding, what a beautiful setting to get married. Everything was very well organised from before we arrived in turkey. The trip to Antalya which we worried about was good fun as we had another couple with us. We were given a mobile and and had regular contact with Carole. We all had our hair and nails etc done at gold finger salon which was excellent and would highly recommend. Our wedding day was really perfect and I couldn’t have asked for any more. Food really nice and added bonus was the open bar! Our guests all loved the day and location. Thank you Carole and co for a day we won’t ever forget. Rebecca and Mark Beach wedding may 31st 2012

Melanie & Kevin Stait

Sorry it’s took so long to send you this but life gets back to normal pretty quickly! We cannot thank you and your daughter enough for organizing the wedding so well. Everything was as we asked for and all our family and friends who came along couldn’t believe how beautiful it was! We were apprehensive about the wedding as all organizing was through e mails but anyone who is thinking of having a wedding with Carol shouldn’t hesitate. All questions and queries were answered within 24 hours and our minds were always put to rest. Turkey, especially Olu Deniz holds a very special place in mine and my family’s hearts and we’ve been going there for years now and it certainly didn’t let us down at our wedding. The location and back drop is beautiful and when it is set up fro the wedding and you walk down the isle, it is nothing short of breath taking. As always the people of Turkey were amazing and welcoming. The day you have to go to do all the official paper work business is very long with an early start but we had a chance to see parts of the country we wouldn’t usually so it was nice, yet tiring. We recommend a early night before hand! Someone is always on the other end of the mobile phone you are given to answer any queries once you’re there too The only thing I wasn’t too pleased with was my hair the way the hairdresser had done it. I had to do it again when I got back to the hotel but it didn’t ruin the day at all. The pictures we received in the album are beautiful too. The cd with all of the photographs we were given gave us a huge range to choose from to print as we wanted at home. All in all, it was an amazing day/night and we don’t have any complaints with the service provided by Carol and her daughter. Who knows, we may even renew our vows there one day too!! Good luck in the future! Ps, feel free to use our photographs for the website, it would be lovely to see them on there! Kind regards, Melanie & Kevin Stait Beach Wedding 3rd June 2012

Steph Andy Dunkley

Hope you are well We had a wonderful wedding and were very pleased with the support and assistance from Carole. It is a gamble booking a wedding abroad and we had all the obvious concerns but it really was hassle-free and much cheaper than a UK wedding. Carole is efficient by email and helped us with each step of the way re paperwork and sorting all the details of the day. The hairdressers that she recommended was also great – much better than the hairdressers in our resort (even though the resort was amazing). Photographer provided by Carole was also very good and we were delighted with the album that you get afterwards. All in all would definitely recommend!! Take care Steph Andy Dunkley Wedding Beach 4th June 2012

Sam & Paul

Hi Carole Firstly, Carole and her team are fantastic and our wedding was perfect in every single way! We first contacted Carole about 18months before our wedding after reading reviews and recommendations. We were a bit worried at first as it seemed strange to arrange your big day with a complete stranger via email, but Carole filled us with confidence and was always easy to contact with any ‘silly’ questions that we had. When we went to Olu Deniz for a holiday 9 months before the wedding, Carol invited us to watch a wedding that she had arranged and wow it was amazing. It certainly put our minds at ease and the worry and stress we had, quickly disappeared. When we arrived at the beach on our big day, we were overwhelmed seeing it in our colour scheme and all our family and friends there waiting for us, it looked stunning! Carole and her team had done such an amazing job decorating it making it look perfect for us. After a very quick ceremony (just what we wanted!) we posed for lots of pictures and got ready for our first bit of entertainment – the microlight! We had kept it a secret from our guests and they were shocked to see this aircraft coming so close to us, until they realised we had actually booked him! They all loved it and so did we! Then it was onto the reception, the DJ played some good music, the food was delicious and the drinks were going down well too. Our cake was stunning, never seen anything like it and it tasted good too. We then had more entertainment with the fire show and the belly dancer. Both were really good and we would highly recommend them. The night went so quick, it’s a shame it couldn’t last longer. Before we knew it, the music had stopped and the coach had arrived to take us back to our hotels. None of us wanted to leave! All our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and by far exceeded their expectations. Without a doubt, they could see why we chose this venue and they wouldn’t want to change it for the world. The photo album that we were given is so beautiful and we will never get bored looking at it. The disc also had hundreds of pictures on – nothing was missed! The video of the wedding is fantastic too, it has been watched many times already, and we laugh every time. So the only thing left to say is a HUGE thank you to Carole and her team and we highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get married abroad. It was the best experience ever, no stress, no problems, just lots of fun! It’s a shame we can’t do it all over again! THANK YOU!!!!! Sam & Paul 8th June 2012 (Beach Wedding)

Lisa and David

Hi Carole Hi Carole and the rest of the team, just sending a message to say many thanks for all your help last year with the wedding, firstly for all the support and advice leading up to the wedding and all the info that you sent us and secondly whilst we were over in turkey. Everything that we wanted and pictured for the wedding was done and we had no complaints with the day and all the help leading up to it. the setting was stunning and the layout of the tables for the service and the meal afterwards was exactly what we wanted right down to matching the bridesmaids dresses. everybody said it was a great day and everybody else can rest assured that even a natural disaster (we had an earthquake) didnt phase anybody. The trip to antalya, though a long trip went without hiccup. Everybody had a really lovely day and the pictures and the video are great, weve watched the video and shown it many times and everybody thinks its gorgeous. Were so glad we chose to get married in Turkey and you helped make it a day we will never forget and will recommend you to anybody who wants to listen. We will definatly be coming back to Oludeniz and hope to see you when we come back to visit, who knows there maybe a renewing of the vows at some point aswel. Just to say thanks again to everybody in your team from the cooks during the meal to the dj playing the music and most of all to you for making what could be a stressful time a very relaxing and enjoyable occasion. i still have to pinch myself that it was all real and actually happened. All in all, it was an amazing day/night and we don’t have any complaints with the service provided by Carol and her daughter. Who knows, we may even renew our vows there one day too!! Good luck in the future! Ps, feel free to use our photographs for the website, it would be lovely to see them on there! Kind regards, Lisa and David Wedding Beach 10th June 2012

Adam & Emma Sheikh

Hi Carole, Happy New Year to you too. We are all well, thank you Thank you to you and all your team for making our wedding day special and memorable. From the very first email right through to the wedding day you were on hand to offer support and advise. The beach location was beautiful. Everything was set out perfectly. The ceremony was simple and quick, just what we wanted. The photographer was brillant and we are delighted with our wedding album. The photographer even air brushed out the pigmentation on my face caused by the sun! The buffet was fine but we were a little dissappointed with the quality of the food but the service was good. We would like to point out that when we were doing the speeches it was not very easy to hear as there was alot of noise/music coming from the venue next door so we were a little disappointed. We had the DJ and he played a good selection/mix of music. We also had the fire show which I would definately recommend, he was amazing! All in all we had a good experience and would recommend Carole to anyone thinking of planning their wedding in Turkey. Adam & Emma Sheikh, Beach Wedding, 13 June 2012.

X Louise and Tyler

Hi Carole, We would definitely recommend Carole & Tayfun weddings to anyone thinking of getting married in Turkey. From day one Carole was very helpful with any questions and concerns we had. It took a lot of stress from us knowing everything was being arranged for us. We really could not of asked for anything more, venue is perfect, food was lovely, staff were excellent!! We hope to return in 2013 for our anniversary Thank you very much for making our wedding day fantastic!!! X Louise and Tyler wedding beach 16th June 2012

Mr and Mrs Lee & Catherine Bircumshaw

Hi Carole, We would firstly like to apologise for the time it has taken to email you since our beautiful wedding in turkey. We cannot believe that it has been over six months since we got married, the time has just flown. We would just like to thank you and your team for making our day so special. We did have some reservations getting married abroad and not being able to see what we were paying for until we landed. However, we were reassured from the very first time we emailed you. Your quick responses with information to all of our questions was amazing, nothing was too much trouble. We were not looking forward to the long day in Antalya, especially as we only landed in the early hours. However, Guru made the day painless and took care of all of the official documentation. The venue, decoration and flowers were all beautiful. We had organised the microlight but unfortunately this could not happen due to the weather. However, this did not make a difference. We also had the singer, Tom, who again we were a little worried about. In fact, he was excellent and was perfect for a smaller wedding party (there were 22 of us.) The all inclusive package was very good value; our guests certainly enjoyed the bar! All in all, it was an amazing day, which could not have been possible without you or your team. For anyone considering a wedding in Olu Deniz, we would definately recommend your service. It was all topped off by absolutely stunning photographs. Please feel free to use any of ours on the website. Many thanks once again Mr and Mrs Lee & Catherine Bircumshaw Beach Wedding 23rd June 2012

Martin & Linzi Garrity

Hi Carole Hi Carole Our beautiful Beach Wedding at Olu Denz June 24th. 2012 was the most amazing day any couple wish for. From the very first E mail, right thought to the wedding day every detail was carefully and professionally delivered. We cannot thank you, you’re daughter and the rest of your team enough for the way you took care of us with every detail covered to our exact liking, The venue for the wedding was set on a lovely part of the beach with a backdrop of the evening sunset which will be remembered by me and my husband forever. All we had to do was turn up on the day of our wedding to see everything arranged, the food, flowers, disco, and the fire dancer, and photographer. The ceremony was very intimate and emotional, most of the guest were in tears and this was not only down to the gorgeous bride but the atmosphere you created by having the wedding in such a romantic place. We have a superb wedding album and DVD to watch. Our only regret is that the day went far too fast, we want to do it all over again. All our guests have commented on just how fantastic the wedding was and some have even returned for a second holiday. I would recommend your wedding services to anybody who is considering getting married on the beach in Olu Deniz. If anyone would like to ask us any questions about our wedding they may contact us at Pearson-a8@sky.com Please feel free to use any of our photos in your 2013 web page Yours Sincerely Martin & Linzi Garrity Wedding Beach 24th June 2012 Pearson-a8@sky.com

Marie & Graham Clark

Hi Aaron and Lynette, graham & i would like to thankyou so very much for everything you done regarding our wedding on 30th june 2012.when i first said to graham about us getting Ain turkey he was to sceptical as he couldnt believe that we could plan a wedding just by emailing, so in september 2011 i went to turkey and came to meet you and as luck would have it you had a wedding that day in which you let me sit on the outskirts and watch and my god i could not believe the way everything looked and the way it all ran.so that when i knew that i wanted you to plan our wedding for us so i booked the date there n then with you. When i came back to england told graham about the beautiful venue and how you an your staff knew exactly what you were doing.From then on anything we wanted to know we just emailed you an you promptly replied which put us at ease,when the time came for us to come to turkey to get married the whole experienced was brilliant you had as picked up an taken to antalya for all the legal requirements to be done and although it was a long day it was worth it.. We chose our cake that day to and the colour scheme we wanted.Then came our wedding day Aaron and Lynette an what a beautiful day. everything ran like clockwork you sent two minibuses up to hisaronu to collect all 60 of our guests to take them to the beach an when they arrived they could not believe how fantastic it looked. Then the car arrived to pick me up the driver was so nice & friendly he drove me to my wedding an when i got there your staff were brilliant got all the guests seated organized our bridesmaids and page boys in order ready for us to walk down the isle. Then our song played an we started walking each step was magical as i walked down to meet my husband to be,The ceremony too was so over whelming and although all read out in turkish then with translater there all repeated in english, all of it was lovely afterwards the photographer was brilliant, the food was out of this world all our guest could not praise it enough. When our wedding cake came out well we could not believe how lovely it looked and it tasted fantastic too. Before we knew it, it was time for the DJ to start and Aaron and Lynette thankyou for recommeding him as he was brilliant and in no time at all had everyone up dancing. Carole you an your staff are excellent you sorted everything so perfectly for graham & I right down to the smallest detail an not once did we have to worry about a thing in fact the amount of people that asked us was we worried or nervous about organizing wedding so far away well the answer was not at all as we read all your previous testimonials,we was just so excited an thats how it should be. So Aaron and Lynette thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such a beautiful perfect day in everyway, we will be in turkey for our first anniversary so we will come down to see you take care .all our love p.s if you like you can add our email address so that if anyone out there are sceptical and need want reassurance of how great you & your team are then yhey can email us Marie & Graham Clark Beach Wedding 30th june 2012 marie1328@sky.com

Sharon Dave Bilbe

Hi Carole, We had our wedding on the good ship “Carole Ann” on 5 July 2012. What a brilliant choice it was! We sailed out of Fethiye at 7 pm, into the warm evening sun, with just enough of a breeze to keep everyone comfortable. Within half an hour, we had dropped anchor and the wedding ceremony was underway. A very simple, relaxed event – we were husband and wife in little more than 10 minutes! As the sun set over the distant islands, we had our photos taken with that idyllic backdrop – a view you simply cannot find in the UK. As dusk turned to night, we dined on a beautifully prepared buffet, including freshly barbequed fish, steak, chicken, tasty kebabs, pasta and salad, all washed down with a drink or three from the free bar. After our meal and the speeches, we had some time for dancing. We also opted for some live entertainment – we had a belly dancer onboard. This was the icing on the cake and sealed the exotic flavour of marrying in Turkey. We sailed back in to Fethiye at midnight, a little tired but very happy – it had all gone by so quickly! Carole and her team were the consummate professionals – every aspect of the wedding went without a hitch, plus the boat crew were all so pleasant and helpful. We had the perfect wedding day – we simply could not have had a better time. Sharon Dave Bilbe. Yacht Wedding 5th. July 2012

Debbie and Paul Ryan

Hi Carole, Lovely to hear from you and Happy New Year to you too. We are pleased to send our testimonial to you and are happy for you to print our e-mail address and my phone number which is 07796 867479 in case anyone would like to contact us. Thank you so much for planning a fabulous wedding for us on 8th July 2012. It truly was a wonderful day. We went with Guru in April to Antalya to prepare all of the necessary paperwork etc, we expected a long and tiring day however we have to say, it all went really well. Very smoothly and easy. Guru dealt with everything for us, the scenery was stunning and the journey flew by. I had been a little bit uneasy about our visit to the clinic in Fethiye but there is absolutely nothing to worry about, there are no blood tests and nothing to it! On the big day, the weather was fantastic and the beach (seating and red carpet etc) looked lovely. The service was so special, simple and beautiful, just as we wished. I can’t praise your photographer enough, he was patient and accommodating and we were presented with an album of beautiful wedding photos, a CD of all the photos taken and the wedding DVD about 4 days after the wedding – we are thrilled with them! Your girls were wonderful, the wedding tables were beautiful, the food was good and the evening went brilliantly. The DJ was great, our entertainment dancers were fantastic and we and our guests had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for all your hard work and making our day so special – wish we could do it all again this year! Debbie and Paul Ryan Wedding Beach 8th July 2012 pandmessages@hotmail.co.uk

Mr & Mrs.Brymer

Hi Carole , Just dropping you an email to say thank you for making our Wedding on the 13th July 2012 a fabulous day.It far exceeded our expectations and was better than we could have ever imagined. It was a totally stress free and you and your team took care of everything. All our friends and family said it was the highlight of their holiday and the best wedding they had ever been to. We opted for the all inclusive option and had the Beach Bbq for our meal.Your food was superb and we couldn’t fault it. The flowers and cake were also beautiful. We had a belly dancer and a Fire show which were both value for money and amazing to watch,especially the Fire show. The photo Album and Dvd of our Wedding were also top class. All in all it gets a 10 out of 10 from us both. We are so glad that we decided to go ahead to book our Wedding with yourselves and can highly recommend you to anyone. If any of your prospective clients need assuring that this is the Wedding for them,then please pass our email on(peterbrymer@hotmail.com) and we will tell them how amazing it all was. Thank you once again. We shall never forget our Special Day From Mr & Mrs.Brymer Beach Wedding 13th July 2012

Bethan and Gareth

Hi Carole, The venue was breathtakingly beautiful. The ceremony was lovely and a lovely length of time. The food was absolutely delicious. The fire dancer was extremely impressive and the DJ played great music. The micro light plane dropping petals was a beautiful touch. It was a beautiful experience that I would highly recommend and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Bethan and Gareth beach wedding 18th July 2012

Dear Carole

Dear Carole Our story goes something like this….. As we met on holiday in Turkey it seemed the only logical place to get married there too. My first idea was to have a garden wedding but when I started my research it became apparent that this would be very expensive and I didn’t really want a beach wedding. Then a friend that lives in Ovacik, Turkey said “Carole & Tayfun do weddings on their yacht” We had been on a few boat trips so were familiar with the company so were confident that they were reliable and turned out to be very inexpensive compared to the bigger tour operators. Having an apartment in Ovacik put us in a very fortunate position – meaning that we could meet Carole and see the yacht dressed for a wedding before we booked. So having seen it we booked and sent the deposit when we got home, then we started the count down… Carole sent us loads of information so that we could get the right documents we required, from where and when. We knew that we would have to take a long trip to Antalya to the Consulate before the wedding so we decided to take an extra holiday in May to get this out of the way. Lucky we did as whilst in Antalya my fiance decided to pull the door off the minibus we were travelling in . So poor Gurer our driver and translator, being the consummate professional that he is, had to make an unexpected stop at a garage to get it fixed before we could travel back safely. Unfortunately this made us late for our appointments back in Fethiye and despite every effort made by Carole & Gurer we had to make new clinic appointments for the following day. This was ok for us but we felt really sorry for the other couple who were getting married the day after (sorry for the extra stress guys). Anyhow onto July. Carole and her daughter Lynnette met us at our apartment a few days before the wedding and we made all the final arrangements sitting in the sun on the balcony with a cold drink – easy. We had already booked the singer and a belly dancer but kept this information from our guests. On the day of the wedding my bridesmaid & I were picked up from our hotel in Fethiye and taken to the hairdressers where Sharon and her team made us look fabulous. I highly recommend them – my hair looked the best it has ever looked. Then back to the hotel to get changed and wait for our car. The groom and all the guests were picked up from there respective hotels etc and taken to the yacht so when we arrived they were all clapping & cheering – I felt like a celebrity. We had a lady Imam perform the ceremony which was lovely. The whole evening went without a hitch. I hadn’t wanted a cake but had cupcakes instead which were gorgeous I’m told!! The entertainment was a great surprise and all the guests had a thoroughly good time especially some of the men who really enjoyed dancing with the belly dancer!! When the end of the night came we didn’t want to leave so with hind sight we should have paid extra for another hour. Everyone piled on the coach and we had a sing along back to Ovacik. The next day, a little bleary eyed, we met Carole for the final paper work and unbelievably she gave us our photo album and cd’s – I couldn’t believe they were ready and are fantastic quality with loads of pictures and the video is brilliant. Dear Carole beach wedding 19th July 2012