Malcolm and De

Karen and Chris lewis
11th June 2018
Mr and Mrs Longstaffe
11th June 2018

Hi Carole , hope the season went well and your leg is better, thanks again for everything, our day was great and hassle free. Myself and Deborah wanted a very simple wedding with only a handful of guests planned and Carole and Tayfun accommodated this superbly and didn’t give us anything less than 100% effort even though we didn’t require the evening part of the wedding package. We arranged with Carole that as we were only a small group we didn’t require the party after the ceremony as we had arranged our own reception at a family run hotel in ovicek. The whole wedding process ran like clockwork, from initial e-mail contact then the to and fro of questions regarding documents, setting, music and colours etc there was never any misunderstandings and it was crystal clear what was required from both parties. The meeting in Turkey was very informative and our only doubt (which was the photographer quality) was put to bed when we met our photographer and viewed fabulous shots of a wedding days before. The trip to Antalya was long but a beautiful journey and the traditional Turkish breakfast was fantastic on route. The wedding ceremony was excellent, Carole was there when I arrived , everything looked perfect and the beach was deserted at that time of day so no gathering spectators, great. The vows were easy to follow and all the paperwork was completed for us the next day along with our beautiful photo album and dvd’s. I could only recommend Carole and Tayfun for a Turkish beach wedding and our British registry paperwork can through to our home address about two weeks after we got home. Many thanks again Malcolm and De wedding beach 17th august 2011

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