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11th June 2018
Russell & Joanne Mount
11th June 2018

Hi Carole well here goes!! How do you write a testimonial for the perfect wedding? I first came across Carole whilst on holiday in Hisaronu back in May 2010, I had just picked up their trip brochure while out and about shopping. When I got back to the hotel I read all about the trips they where offering, then I came across the back page of the brochure, Their wedding advert. That set the wheels in motion, that brochure went in my suitcase and came back home with me. My husband and myself had just got engaged in Turkey in March and I knew I didn’t want to get married anywhere else. But could my dream of a beautiful turkish wedding come true? Well the the expertise of Carole and her wonderful team, it did. Once back home and settled back into day to day life, I told my fiance about the idea of a turkish wedding. His initial reaction was that it would too difficult to arrange from England. I assured him it wouldn’t. I told him about the brochure and got a bit excited about it all. He then said, ” You arrange it and I’ll be there”! We had already booked a holiday in Ovacik for July 2011, so on my next day off, I picked up the phone and called Carole in Turkey, I told Carole about the idea of the wedding I would like and she just checked her diary and found that she did have a date for the wedding in July of 2011. Without a second to think about it I heard myself saying, “Book it for me please”. All Carole required was a small deposit and an email about what we would like on the big day, We opted for the full package, sent out the invites and Carole did the rest. We sent each other about 10 emails in all and everything I wanted or needed to change wasn’t a problem at all for Carole. I even changed the colour scheme 2 days before the wedding and still this wasn’t a problem! We had 22 people at our wedding, we went for the gulet wedding, it was so romantic and different, so much better than anything offered in England. We had the full package and I can honestly say there was nothing missing, there was nothing at all that we could of added to that, everyone said how wonderful it was, the food was a big hit with everyone, even my sister how is a very strict vegetarian was impressed. There was plenty to go around and some even had seconds and thirds. The wedding cake was a lovely banana sponge and has to be one of the best Ive ever tasted. Even the dreaded trip to Antalya was fine, yes it was a long day but it was broken up with stops for breakfast and lunch, we also went with another couple so there was someone new to talk to and compare wedding ideas with. The dreaded day was turned into a pleasant trip to the capital. Carole even accompanied me to the florists and helped me choose my bouquet. Anything I needed help with she was their for me. You would definitely not get this levels of service in England for the price Carole quotes, and on another note, the prices quoted are genuine, there are no hidden extras or nasty surprise that you would back home. The only bad thing I can say about our wonderful dream wedding is the fact that it all went so fast, we sailed back to Fethiye at midnight but I we could of easily added another couple of hours to this. All in all, we had the best wedding ever, everyone of our guests said how wonderful it was, how different it was and how memorable it will be. We have a wedding album, a disc of over 200 professional photographs and and hour and a half wedding dvd. Along with this we both have the most wonderful memories and we cant wait to go back and see Carole, next time we are in Fethiye, I’ll pop in and say hello, and maybe just maybe Carole will see us again in about 10 years and we are over to arrange a renewal of our wedding vows and do it all over again 🙂 If anyone would like to contact me for further information, you can find me on Carole’s facebook page. Hope this is what you were looking for, Sending my love to you and your team, Sheila,xx 7th July wedding Yacht wedding

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