Mr and Mrs Sullivan

Dear Carole
11th June 2018
Kathryn and Kelvin
11th June 2018

Hi Carole Many thanks for all your help through our wedding arrangement. It was such a wonderful day and experience for everyone involved. ‘We had experienced seeing the boat leaving fethiye harbour once returning from a day trip and secondly dressed up for an evening wedding ceremony. We were invited onto the boat to see the boat beautifully decorated for this special occasion. From then on we knew and decided to book our wedding with Aaron and Lynette. Carole was clear with her instructions to ensure everything ran smooth leading up to our special day by contacting us on email and responding to any questions promptly. When arriving in Turkey we met with Lynnette and Arun (Carole’s daughter and son in law) Who were our wedding coordinators to arrange final details for the day, including the whole day to Antayla for the official signing of paperwork at the British consulate. They were both so friendly and made us at ease. The day started with meeting up with another couple who was having the alternative arrangement of marriage on the beach. The driver was laid back and very friendly with great English. The wedding cake was chosen on this day along with flowers so it broke up the day nicely. The day is finished off by visiting the local doctors to finalise arrangements by asking one question ‘Are you mad?’ The wedding day itself was unforgettable. A bus picked up all the guests and car picked up Andrea bringing her right to the boat. The boat as we expected was decorated in lilac and purple and was preparing to set sail out of the bay into the sun. The service was conducted in English and Turkish even the translator wore purple along with the driver of the car which adds to the whole experience. We had a belly dancer and a microlite petal drop which all the guests loved. For the whole ceremony we were photographed and video’d and was made to feel very special. A selection of the photos were put into an album which are wonderful. They are so good we had thought they were airbrushed ! We also received a disc with every photo that was taken and six months on the family are still watching the video. The flowers and the wedding cake were beautiful and superb value as the cost in the u.k would of been extortionate. The whole ceremony went so quickly and before we knew it, we were returning back to the bay. My wife was gorgeous and so happy and I am sure this was down to the organisation of the team and exceeded our expectations in all areas. I don’t just recommend get married, I recommend you get married with Aaron and Lynette. Oh and there was a firework display in the background whilst we were moored up which the guests thought was part of the ceremony (we still haven’t told them that it wasn’t) We had a fantastic day – thank you all so very much. Take care Mr and Mrs Sullivan Wedding Yacht 21th August 2012

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