Kathryn and Kelvin

Mr & Mrs Macfarlane
11th June 2018
Ryan and Charlotte
11th June 2018

Hi Carole, First off appologies on the delay with the testimonial, things have been non stop since we got married and we are only now getting round to neing able to do the testimonial. Kelvin and myself would first like to thank Aaron and Lynette for all the support and organisation that he put into our wedding, he was fantastic. The whole wedding was fantastic, we never expected everything to be so easy and straight forward. You took care of everything in and exceptional manor, the wedding completly exceeded all our expectations. The first initial meeting at the site of the wedding was easy and straight forward, Aaron and Lynette talked us through eveything and set our mind at rest for the upcoming ceremony. Everything about the day to Antalya was explained to us and again our minds put to rest. The day to go to antalya itself was quite easy, allthough long, the only thing i would advise it to take something with you to keep you warm when you stop for breakfast, I stupidly went in shorts and vest and froze the whole time over breakfast. I was shocked at how quick everything was when we got to Antalya, allthough i think we chose the wrong day to go to the medical centre as the army were in there getting thier medicals, Typical of our luck. The florist was also fantastic and knew what we wanted and advised us on the best flowrs and the prices were very reasonable. On the day of the wedding I had my hair done by Sharon, who really did have a hard job with my hair as I have alot of it, She was friendly, profesional and efficient, she managed to do my hair and my daughters in the time alloted and that is no easy feat trust me. The Bus arrived to pick up all the guests going to the ceremony, they all got there about 15 minuites before i arrived so they were able to place all thier flowers on thier quits and so forth. The car arrived for me at our hotel and we then made our way to the beach ready for the ceremony, When i got to the venue i couldnt get over how organised everything was, i didnt have to think about anything, other than my nerves. It was just simply beautifully done, my husband became very emotional at the whole experience, the music the beach and of course his beautiful bride. The ceremony was so lovley, the vows were great and i thought they were very fitting, much better than you would get at home. The reception was fantastic, we chose to have a belly dancer, fire dancer and DJ, and i have to say every penny was well spent, the belly dancer got everyone up dancing and got them ready to dance for the evening. The firedancer was superb, he really put on a great show, we would definatly reccomend the entertainment. The food was so nice, the only thing we did wrong was not order enough fish, if i was you i would ask everone before hand how many would like fish, we also had the open bar option, and I must say this was worth its weight in gold, nobody had to worry about bringing money, as alot of us we all inclusive at the hotel it fitted in nicley. All in all we had one of the best weddings we could have found anywhere, and trust me I looked alot. Thank you so much Aaron and Lynette and your team for giving us a fantastic start into married life and helping us to acheive our dream wedding. If anyone would like to ask me questions or wants advice they can e-mail me on kath_elis@live.co.uk , they will also find me on facebook using the same email. Again thanks Kathryn and Kelvin Beach wedding 19th September 2012

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