Leanne & Louis Morgan

Dear Carole
11th June 2018
Kathryn and Kelvin
11th June 2018

Hi Carole, Huge thanks for a fantastic wedding this year! Everything went brilliantly and I couldn’t have been happier! From the moment we booked Carole was on hand to answer any questions I had (no matter how silly) and kept in touch regularly with anything I needed to know or that I needed to send off. It is scary having little control over the important planning of your wedding but I assure you all that Carole knows exactly what she is doing and knows how to make the whole thing as stress free as possible. By the time we were over in Turkey the arrangements had been made to meet up with Carole’s team to go through the wedding ceremony and all the extra bits confirmed. The worst of it all was the long day out to Antalya, but honestlly it wasn’t that bad. Our driver was great and spoke brilliant english, he sorted all the legal bits out for us and made it all as simple as possible, we even got to have a wonder around Antalya for 1/2 hour whilst he did the work 🙂 We left about 6am and was back to our hotel around 3pm. The wedding day itself was great, I was promptly picked up from my hotel and the ceremony went exactly as planned, the food at the reception was lovely, with plenty to go around my 30+ guests. There was a member of Carole’s team on site for the entire evening incase we should need them, but were not intrusive at all. The bar did have 1 or 2 locals there, but they sat well away from the main bar and I didn’t even notice them until the end of the night so it wasn’t an issue. The photographer and videographer were again brilliant, they caught everything all night long. I do wish I had said to my guests not to ignore the video-camera all night and maybe leave messages or something as there was a lot of ducking and diving lol, however he did catch some brilliant stuff too. A few days after the wedding we met up with Carole in Fethiye to sign off all the docciments to get our marriage registered in the UK, this is also when we got our beautiful photo album! The pictures he chose were perfect and then we had 2 discs which had all the photos taken and the video. I can not reccomend this company more, not only for value for money but also quality of service! Another massive thank you to you all for making our wedding go so smoothly and a holiday all my guests will remember! Leanne & Louis Morgan Wedding Beach 8th August 2012

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