Ruth and Ken
7th June 2018
10th June 2018

Hi Carole

We just wanted to say how pleased we where with the service you provided for our wedding and how much we really enjoyed the whole experience, from going to Antalya with the lovely Teresa and Jamie  , everything was sorted for us, all we had to do was pick our colour scheme and the cake. to you sorting out the hairdressers. the beach venue was suberb and lovely views and the champagne after was lovely too and i don’t usely like it.

to start with when we booked the wedding we where really worried that we where going to be ripped off but you kept in contact with us by email and also let us know the date of the wedding, not long after booking.

when we arrived in turkey you gave us the date to go to the consulate and even though it was an early pickup Teresa and Jamie put us at ease and Teresa did most of the work herself, we just did what she told us, it was a long day but worthwhile getting all the wedding paperwork sorted out , we picked the cake on the way back and the other couple with us, also getting married where taken to the flower shop to pick there flowers.

The next day we met you (carol) and you went through everything with us, where we where sitting and also the vows, you gave us a mobile to use if we needed it ( dozy me left it in the room when i went to hairdressers and could of done with it as the resort we where staying on, left the driver waiting twenty min before they let him in ), the hairdressers where fantastic, it was just me and my mum getting our hair done and i was so pleased with mine, i started crying, i had my makeup done too and my mum had her eyebrows , hair and makeup done and looked lovely.the prices where all in English and i paid in English.

we had a minibus pick up my hubby to be and 14 guest, me and my mum got picked up after they left and the journey there was lovely.

when we got there, carol told us when to walk and the bridesmaids walked in front, when the music started, i had tears in my eyes, the whole experience was beautiful, the cake tasted lovely and we could take our time having photos and our music played in the background.

 After the wedding we had arranged to have our meal at the resort where we where staying ( the club Letoonia ) as it was A/I.

All in all the whole experience was beautiful.

Thank you to you Carol and your lovely staff xxxx

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