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11th June 2018
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1st April 2019

Hi Carole sorry for the delay see below, it’s quite long so feel free to cut it down if you like.

Would just like to thank everyone for organising such an amazing wedding day it was everything we had hoped for and more! We arrived in Turkey one week before the wedding, the day trip to Antalya was long and tiring and a very early start but the day is necessary all the paperwork was done, cake was chosen, we could have organised flowers but I took my own as I wanted them to match the bridesmaid dresses, we were back late afternoon so managed to get some sunshine when we got back.

We met with Aaron on a different day at the venue and to be honest we were concerned that on the day it wouldn’t be like we imagined as we sat there talking about the ceremony with lots of tourists on the beach and at the bar area and we couldn’t picture how it would look without them there! Aaron was good going through everything how it would work on the day, we discussed the food, order of the day, table plans – all very useful and had some flexibility with the order of things for the day; food, speeches, cake cutting etc.

The day of the wedding; we had booked Sharon the hairdresser on Carole’s website she was excellent, good value for money, very experienced, I showed her a picture of the sort of style I wanted and she worked her magic. She fitted in my hair, 3 bridesmaid’s and my flower girl all in one afternoon. The car picked us up and took us the venue. It was very emotional on arrival and we had no need to be worried it looked amazing, there were no tourists around all the beach chairs were removed just a lovely red carpet area down to the wedding party where our guests were waiting on the beach.

The ceremony was great, I was worried about it being in Turkish and being translated however it was fine and it actually gave us some time to get ourselves together and fight back the tears before saying the next ‘I do’. We had a truly amazing day, our guests loved the relaxed atmosphere, fabulous area, great food, free bar was excellent (full package), we opted for a Belly Dancer who was very entertaining and had everyone up dancing before the DJ kicked in. Was great the kids were running around dancing and playing on the beach. The coach dropped us off back to our hotel.

Was so much better than we had hoped it would be. Our photo’s are amazing and such a lovely keep sake to capture the day and show those back at home who couldn’t make it. We had the video too (with the full package) it’s lovely to look back on, it captures the full day, it’s not edited so is quite long but so much fun to look back on and the bits you forget about! The day goes so quickly I just want to do it again – and i’m hoping for our 10 year anniversary we will do it all again and renew our vows – I wouldn’t change a thing! If any brides to be wanted to contact me to ask any questions feel free – before I booked I contacted some brides to ask some questions and found it really useful.

Therase & Oliver Horswell

Beach Wedding 24 September 2013

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