The Donnellys

Lulu Moffat
19th May 2018
Emma Jennings
19th May 2018

The first time I rang Lynette Carrington I knew she was going to look after me, very cool, calm and put any concerns to bed.I would txt her anytime no question to big or small she would always get back to me. I knew what I wanted and between her and Aaron Carrington they delivered every step of the way.My mum has Coeliac but they went out of there way to make sure everything that was served she could eat this was a massive thing for me.We met Aaron at the venue and told him all the things we wanted and he went over every detail, he even offered to tie some plants together so they would be hidden from the view we wantedas I jokingly asked him to dig it up lol. Nothing was too big for him to achieve.. On the day Lynette met me off the boat and talked me through what was to happenThe venue was so beautiful everything set out perfectly we still can not believe this was our wedding looking at the pics. The evening ran so smoothly there was no waiting around,everything was timed to perfection. The food was amazing with freshly caught sea bass that morning with the chefs serving it. I could go on but I’m going to leave it there .If you want a beautiful exclusive garden wedding ,that well our friends and family are raving about chose Aaron and lynette. Pick Alesta beach

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