Nikki and Andrew Fletcher
10th June 2018
Jason, Lydia and George
11th June 2018

Our Special Day in turkey was fantastic, Carole and her team wee excellent throughout, from correspondance months before the wedding all the way up to and beyond its completion, we arrived at our wedding and had added 4 more guests to the wedding party but forgot to advise Carole, but within minutes a new table was set and laid out in the correct colours etc, the whole wedding experience was a slick process made very easy by Carole.

The setting is wonderful, and i recommend having the belly dancer and fireshow, they were awesome, every single one of our guests without exception commented how wonderful the whole day had been, i know you expect people to say this about your wedding day, but believe me my mother would tell you straight if there was anything she didnt like, and she is still going on about how good it was to this day. Thanks Carole and your team

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