Sophie Beard

Couple 40
26th March 2023
Mr and Mrs Hoyles
26th March 2023

So what can I say I got married on Fethiye yacht last Tuesday it was incredible I cannot thank the lovely Lynette Carrington Aaron Carrington and the rest of the team enough. I was very nervous while in UK arranging it all and when I arrived in Turkey as I wasn’t sure what was actually happening but as soon as i met with the amazing team, I was so much calmer. They all took all the stress of me so all I needed to do was think about getting myself ready etc. While in the UK they answered all my messages and reassured me that it’s under control specially when I had to make it a year later due to covid. I really can’t thank them enough for making it so special and memorable. Thank you for all the profile photos these once not then as still need time to relook as there are loads :). Thank you, Kathy Joan Salman gold finger team, for doing all my makeup hair style etc. I wouldn’t of looked amazing without all your help :).

I can say more but I think you all got the idea it was just an amazing time. Everybody enjoyed and will always stay in our hearts.

Lots of hugs and kisses team

Love Sophie beard

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