Mr & Mrs Richardson 💍

The Martin-Hunters 👰🏼
26th March 2023
Mr & Mrs Richardson 💍
26th March 2023

14/09/22 Was the best day of our lives ❤

Due to covid we had to postpone our date 1 year which meant longer for me to worry and stress🤣 but i shouldn’t of as all the team handled everything and made us have the best day ever 😍

I tortured Clare Hopkins and Lynette Carrington  daily with my constant changes and questions, both couldn’t have been more helpful and professional ❤

We had our day at Billys beach, the set up was perfect, the food delicious, the free bar was put to good use 🤣 😍The DJ was fantastic and played all the songs we wanted and the dance floor was never empty. The cartoon artist was a huge hit and i would recommend to anyone to have him Hilmi Gurhan  my guests loved him and was a nice surprise. Another extra i would highly recommend and we had lots 🤣was the smoke machine, my first dance looked amazing and on the pictures and videos it looks even better.

Also highly recommend Vicky at Bits and Bobs for all the little extras such as welcome signs and seating plans 😍

Aaron Carrington was there along with Shavash to coordinate the day and they ensured everything went smoothly🎉

The only fault I have is that it wasn’t long enough and we would love to do it all again ❤

For anyone worrying don’t you will honestly have the best day and everything will fall into place. I can not recommend this company enough and would do it all again in a heartbeat ❤

I’m also happy to answer any brides questions as i know the worry and the stress and the unknown😘

Mr & Mrs Richardson 💍 — with Terry Richardson.

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