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Kind regards
11th June 2018
Zoe & Mark
11th June 2018

Hi Carole

Well I hope you are all well and had a fantastic Summer.

My Husband and I would just like to Thank you for all the help arranging the most PERFECT wedding we could ask for.

We booked our wedding back in May 2012 we love Turkey and always wanted to get married abroad and after hearing a friends wedding which too place with use it just looked so nice and decided to book the date for 1st July 2013. We were always unsure about ‘what if this’ and ‘what if that’ but you were just all amazing .Everything I asked via email etc were all answered with in 24 hours and just kept our minds at rest .

We done the 4 hour journey to the Government office which went very quick and we shared the car with another couple who were lovely. This was to organise the cake and flowers, I just needed to pick put a cake and I told artificial flowers over with me. The driver was fantastic as he pretty much done everything we just followed.

We meet up with Kelly and Arron 4 days after arriving to go through all the colour scheme, guest, music, planning the whole everything. Kelly was a massive help as I told her the way I wanted the venue to look and also to arrange the rings to be tied on to a ring pillow that my 6 years old son walked up the carpet with to hand to the best man which when the time was ready my father and mother inlaw walked up to untie as a sign of letting us go.

When I arrived at the venue and seen the way it was all decorated in the colours it was just beautiful, the setting and beach was stunning.

The vows were very easy….well for my husband they were as for me I did cry and found it a little harder. The ceremony was finished with in 10 minutes which was fabulous as we were very hot until the sun went down. After the ceremony the photography was just great he got pictures of everyone that I asked for and let me pick pictures as well that I wanted done, the pictures of my husband and myself when the sun is going down are just amazing, he got some lovely pictures of my 2 boys aswell which I just love. While the pictures were going on the guest got to go up and get drinks and sit and chat while we were doing the pictures, Kelly brought us over a drink for us while were in the sand getting pictures done.

Kelly made sure all the music that I picked for our dances were all on time, she organised high chairs for the babies, all my favours were all set out the way I wanted them, name cards were all in order…….Just perfect.

We meet Carole and the photography a few days later to pick up our pictures and cd, we also got a album of 14 pictures which I asked if it could be a mixture of us and parents/ guest and he done this perfectly.

If we could go back and do it all again we would in a heart beat, we couldn’t have picked a perfect venue, We just want to say thank you for turning what should be a stressful day into a stress free day which everything went to plan perfectly couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Mr & Mrs McCraw

Beach Wedding 1 July 2013

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