Marie and Aaron Folan

Mel & Pete McGee
10th June 2018
Samantha & Scott Cundy
11th June 2018

Apologies for it taking so long to email you with our testimonial, been very busy since coming home. Please feel free to use any of our photos on your website, as they are all beautiful!

Well firstly, I would like to thank you for such a special, beautiful wedding; it was exactly what we wanted. Every detail was perfect, and we were so surprised to find that you had managed to match all the decorations with the awkward bridesmaid dress colour! We were very impressed! Every single one of our guests said they had a fantastic time, and it was the most relaxed, fun wedding they had been to.

The hundreds of pictures are just lovely, every single one. The photographer was very good; we would have paid an absolute fortune for them here. I have pictures right up until the very end of the evening, capturing the entire day, wonderful!

The food was also very good, and plenty of it! Pizza for the children was really appreciated. I think everybody had had a few to drink by then though, so we may not have been as greedy as I told you we were! I hope not too much went to waste.

To top off a lovely ceremony and meal we opted for some evening entertainment, a belly dancer and a man throwing fire and lights (sorry not sure what to call them!)And it really was the icing on the cake; they were brilliant, really got the party started!

So if anybody is unsure or nervous about getting married in turkey, don’t be! You can trust Carole 100% with all of your wedding plans, and she will deliver you the perfect wedding exactly the way you want it.

Carole, I hope you are keeping well, and thank you so much again.x

Marie and Aaron Folan (wedding 13th may 2009)
Mark and Linda Graham Torquay

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