Leah Andrew

Melissa Davison
19th May 2018
Ash Bradbury
19th May 2018

What a fantastic wedding I had thanks to the flawless talents of these lovely people! From day 1 the support from these fantastic bunch of people has been epic! I actually cancelled my original wedding at my hotel in fethiye because it wasn’t all I had hoped and wanted out of my wedding! So poor Lynette was talking me through what they do at 1am and I knew from that moment I was in safe hands! throughout our long 18 month wait to be married, they have checked in with me made sure I was always in the loop and made me feel so at ease! The legal stuff prior to coming is explained very clearly you know what to do and when to do it! Meeting these lovely people two days before my wedding only made me feel even more excited! I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was, as they do it all for you! It’s all very organised but such a casual meeting at the same time! Then the day…. from the moment I stepped out the car I was amazed! Once my music started I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the venue and how much attention had been paid, they do this as a job and do countless weddings every season but every wedding they make sure is perfect! They have a great love for their work and are very attentive to your requests, nothing is ever too much for these lot! They have great passion for their work and you can see that in every bow, every candle every little detail they have placed to make your special day exactly that! All yours!!! I cannot recommend them enough, they take so much time out of their own lives and sacrifice so much to make sure the brides and grooms get the weddings they have been dreaming of for so long! The only sad thing is it goes very fast and I don’t have enough money to do it again hahaha! Good luck to all you future brides, don’t sweat the small stuff as it’s all right here waiting for you! Thank you team and I hope the company grows and prospers as if deserves and I wish you all a happy future! Thank you for making my dreams come true.

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