Kirsty and Anthony

Nikki and Andrew Fletcher
10th June 2018
Jason, Lydia and George
11th June 2018

We were not disappointed with our beach wedding in Turkey at all. You are in safe hands with Carole and her team. Believe me, I was nervous about organising a wedding in a country I am not familiar with but you get what you are promised from Carole’s weddings.

The lagoon beach setting is absolutely perfect, with the mountains surrounding you, the quiet waters, gorgeous sandy beach – you can’t get better. The registrar, although Turkish and not able to do the ceremony in English, was a really lovely lady, and the ceremony still felt very special and genuine. The translator was very well spoken, looked lovely for the occasion (she is in the pictures!) and the words of the ceremony were truly meaningful and memorable.
The reception was great, I was particularly impressed with the layout of the tables, which looked great in the sunset, and the table decorations that are Carole’s own are tastefully done. We did add some of our own decorations but the combined result was beautiful. Nerves got the better of us and we didn’t eat much food but what we did eat was lovely. If you like fish, go for the sea bass as its cooked beautifully. Our guests reported that they enjoyed the food very much.
Our trip to Antalya was also very, very well orchestrated. It is a busy day with many stops but you are in safe hands with the staff operating this part of the procedure like clockwork. Beware though, their own advice not to take children with you is very true. We thankfully didn’t have to take our three children but if we did, the day would have been exhausting for everyone!!

This wedding was personalised, and such great value for money. There is no way you could get this kind of setting for the price anywhere in the UK, that is for sure. And so much better than some of the travel agent options where I have heard of horrendous experiences.
If we had to do it all again, we would still do it with Carole on the beach, except I wouldn’t be nervous and would try take in every second!

I would also like to recommend the hair and beauty salon that Carole uses. The couple who own the place are truly lovely, and nothing is too much for them to do. Very good quality of work from all the staff, I had eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions and they were don’t really well.

I have recommended Carole’s weddings to many people since our special day, and will continue to do so. Well done Carole, not an easy job but you make it look that way!


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