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10th June 2018
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We got married on the ‘Carole Ann’ yacht on September 21st 2009. We had seen the boat decorated for a wedding on our previous trip to Fethiye and it looked so gorgeous that we cancelled our church wedding in England in order to do things a little bit more special, and we were certainly not disappointed.

From our first contact, Carole was extremely helpful, every aspect of the wedding was organized for us, which made everything very smooth and calm for us. It is difficult when both of you are working full time to organize wedding, but there was no stress at all. Carole has done the organizing hundreds of times so every detail had been thought about and dealt with very professionally.

We had seen adverts by holiday companies and other local Turkish agencies sometimes offering to undercut the price but I am so glad that we weren’t tempted to change. Because as Carole is English she understands what British couples want and expect from their wedding day, which perhaps, others may not. The paperwork, which sounds daunting, was a breeze – again due to Carole and her friendly helpful team.

I really can’t stress enough the importance of having someone with you who knows how the system works – we have heard some horror
stories from people who have tried to organize things for themselves in Turkey.

Our wedding day was absolutely the best time of our lives- there were 50 of us on the yacht and ALL of our guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to – they are still talking about how fantastic it was and its now 4 months on. The staff were brilliant, the ceremony was really moving with lots of tears, the registrar was lovely and the belly dancer was fabulous – a definite must at a wedding in Turkey.

It truly was the best day ever and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. I highly recommend Carole and her great team and we are
currently trying to sort out a trip to Fethiye for our anniversary so that we can go onto the ‘Carole Ann’ again.
Kim and Nick

Kim and Nick
21th September

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