Katy + Vance
11th June 2018
Shane & Hayley
11th June 2018

Hi Carole Thank you for all you did for me and Ekaterina to prepare for our wedding blessing in the beautiful area of the blue lagoon in Olu deniz , Turkey. From the day we decided to use your company, all our correspondence emails where answered so promptly and from when you came to meet us at our hotel, you just made us feel so at ease from sorting out our bouquets , to hairdressing, color schemes , music and the cake etc, and David the minister talking us through every aspect of the ceremony was just a first class service throughout , you even gave us a mobile phone incase we needed you for anything which was a reassuring touch in itself. Me and Ekaterina was married in Bryansk , Russia on the 19th march 2011, and we thought to have a follow up wedding blessing on the 28th June 2011 would just be the icing on the cake , which it was, it was fantastic everything went so beautifully , the ceremony and the words that David the minister said was just great, and the fact he made it all work with our own renewal vows too. As for this area on sugar beach, you cannot begin to imagine an area so tranquil and beautifully set against the mountain backdrops, perfect for any wedding. On the day Ekaterina and her bridesmaid where taken away around 2 O clock in the afternoon to the hairdressers, to have there make up and hair done, Ekaterina said “I was so pleased with the service and the proffesionalism of the team it was second to none, and the fact I had taken my own hair extensions and they made this work for me was just great ” Myself and the rest of the guests were picked up in a nice air conditioned mini bus around 45 minutes before Ekaterina was due to leave with her father and bridesmaid in a nicely decorated car, the ceremony was beautiful, food was the best I have ever tasted in the 5 times I have traveled to turkey and the entertainment of the belly dancer was a great touch too, and brought my family so many laughs when she got us all to participate in it also. The photographer and videographer did a fantastic job, and what was provided in the album we received will be treasured forever. Thank you Carole for the best wedding blessing imaginable. Look forward to looking at our testimonial on your web site all our love KEVIN & EKATERINA PS We look back on this day through the many photos we have , and I know that one day in the future we will come back and renew our vows again here x. If any one wishes to know or ask any questions please feel free to email myself or Ekaterina on the below email addresses. KEVIN & EKATERINA

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