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Mr and Mrs Sutton
11th June 2018
Mr & Mrs Barnett
11th June 2018

Determined to get married abroad, we scoured the world for a venue and organiser. We discovered Olu Deniz and soon after, widespread praise for the weddings of Carole.

Looking back on our wedding we can only add to those endorsements. The ceremony was nothing short of spectacluar and the Weddings Turkey team were great from our first meeting to the end of our holiday.

We arrived in Olu Deniz the weekend before and soon met up with Carole to organise the details for the day. It was quickly apparent that we could shape every aspect of this wedding to our own tastes (literally, when we got to choose the cake!).

From what we’d read we weren’t looking forward to our trip to Antalya for the legal stuff but it was fine; nothing worse than a day of necessary formality with Anne’s experience and cunning speeding things along where possible. It was a long day but Anne was great company throughout and it was a nice opportunity to chat and learn about the country.

The venue was prepared beautifully with the Blue Lagoon providing an epic backdrop to a quick and simple ceremony followed by champagne and photographs. Everyone commented on the quality of the food, and thereception and party afterwards were just what we hoped for.

In fact, we were just getting started when the bus returned us all to the hotel, so we headed into town in our wedding outfits, triggering applause from the bars as we passed. When your wedding begins as the sun sets, it only seems right that you continue until sunrise!

We knew Olu Deniz would be beautiful, that’s easy to see, but it also turned out to be a perfect location that catered for all our guests; from seasoned travellers to young kids. The food is good, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is fun, but you’re not far from adventure in any direction should you seek it. And it’s a good job – we expected 20 guests, we got almost 50! Maybe sending that iconic photo of Olu Deniz out with our invites had something to do with that…?

On the group photo from the day, every single one of our fifty guests has a genuine smile on their face. It wasn’t just a special day for us, it was a great day for everyone who attended too.


Kev and Charlotte
October 9th 2009

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