Kelly & Steve

Mr & Mrs Macfarlane
11th June 2018
Ryan and Charlotte
11th June 2018

Hi Carole, Hope you and the team are well. I’d like to start by saying what a great job you do! Your communication was brilliant in the year leading up to our big day, nothing was a problem and you made planning a wedding abroad so simple and stress free. The fire show was fantastic and would strongly recommend, we also had the belly dancer who was very entertaining. Unfortunately I do have a few grumbles: Firstly – My best friend and witness was not collected from her hotel although I had confirmed with Lynette that day exactly where they needed picking up from, she ended up having to get her own taxi and only just made it it time. Secondly – I was collected from my hotel 20 minutes late as Steve the driver was given the wrong hotel to pick me up from, because of this our ceromony was rushed and a speech that my friend (the same friend who didn’t get picked up) was gonna read at the service had to be left out. We arranged to have the petal drop which completely missed us twice so was a complete waste of money. Finally – My cake turned up with the wrong colour ribbon on it, it was brown and I had chosen champagne so this didn’t match anything. The food was nice, our video was fun to watch and gave us a good laugh and the photo album was beautiful. Hope this helps Take care Kelly & Steve Wedding beach 24th August 2012

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