Jennifer Sarah Cook

Karla Eszenyi
19th May 2018
Carol Maddison
19th May 2018

Well what can I say…..words cannot describe how special and amazing this day is. With all wedding planning there will be stressful times, hiccups whether expected or not,even tears for some…but with the help of Lynette, Aaron and Umit, you couldn’t ask for more. Lynette answered any questions quickly when worried about anything before the wedding,Aaron was so laid back about the whole day, and Umit is unbelievably fantastic at his job. Any wedding can have hiccups but remember the saying, when there’s the will, there’s a way!
My son who was giving me away forgot his waistcoat …. I couldn’t have cared less, he could have given me away in his shorts, vest and flip flops.
Our cake wasn’t quite as ordered but this doesn’t matter,it was absolutely delicious.
We had personalised wine glass charms accidently thrown away with the wine glasses but the staff rummaged through the bins to find……
My biggest hiccup being was that a coupleof months before the wedding my dad found out he had cancer and couldn’t come but due to the incredible work Ümit Zeytinci has done my dad can now see and share how wonderful this day was and how specialall this people made it.
As far as I’m concerned these are now not hiccups but part of a journey that has a perfect ending…
The biggest thing I remember is that once that music starts as you walk down the aisle…nothing else matters, the day is about the 2 people there to be married. As you walk down you will see that everything is perfect and you couldn’t be in any better place, no matter how many people are there tojoin you. I absolutely loved the ceremony, the speaking in Turkish and then the translation, I adored. Everything was so perfect and enjoyable, the venue, the decorations, the ceremony,the photos, food, entertainment…
For all those who may have worries or can’t decide whether to take the plunge….don’t…this was the best decisionI have ever made and would have paid double and more for the day we had….it was priceless….thank you….see you in 10 years time when we will be back to renew our vows xxx

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