Jamie and kim miles

Nikki and Andrew Fletcher
10th June 2018
Jason, Lydia and George
11th June 2018

Hi carole,

here is the testimony as promised. Right from the start of booking with carole, the arrangements for the wedding were very organised. Very stress free indeed. We were in constant contact with carole via email and sometimes text or phone.

Even the one day that we had to keep free for all the paperwork was fun. We went with another couple who were getting married, and the driver jamie. It was an air conditioned space cruiser, and that day was fun. I think it was from about 6 in the morning till about 5.

We had to go to british consulate, and the governors office etc. The journey to antalya is like a rollercoaster due to the turkish roads. Only on this car ride can you appreciate the turkish way of life, you will see many sites on this journey, I found the turkish roadworks hysterical.

Once this day was over, It was just the wait for the big day. From the time my bride walked down the aisle, to the time we had to leave, it was a very professional service. I was impressed with the food. The only downside we found was the wedding dvd, the photographer kept getting in the way, and you couldnt hear anything on the dvd so I would recommend someone you know to video the ceremony too. In all carole provided a very good service, and is very friendly. 

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