Gary and Rachael

Anna and Zane
7th June 2018
Becca and Rich
10th June 2018

Hello Carole ,

My wedding day: Carole answered all my emailed questions, and there were many, within a day or so. I thought before I met her that she might be a bit scary, her answers to my emails were very direct. But when I actually met her; hey what a lovely woman; kind, considerate and nothing was a problem. Everything was about what we wanted on our day.

I know people say their wedding day was the most special day of their lives, (yep I have had a chuckle about that one too). Actually if I live to be 100, I will always remember my wedding. It was lovely, it was beautiful, it was fantastic, it was so romantic.

Carole and her team are superb. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of getting married in Turkey.

Gary and Rachael
29th June 2008

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