Fiona and Gareth

Mr and Mrs Sutton
11th June 2018
Mr & Mrs Barnett
11th June 2018

Hi Carole,

Married life is very good thanking you although it isn’t too much different to before except we now have a baby on the way! We had the most amazing wedding day and our guests still talk about how lovely it was.

When we first decided to get married abroad we had trouble deciding where to do it and what to do as we wanted something different, meanwhile my mum was spending a week in Olu Deniz and I got a very excited phone call from her saying she had seen a wedding on a yacht and had recorded it for me to watch when she got home and had leaflets from you too! As soon as we saw the video it looked amazing and just the sort of thing we would love to do and got straight onto your website and contacted you to get booked up!

Right from the start all arrangements seemed very simple and you answered any questions I had and nothing seemed too much trouble, nobody could believe how relaxed we were in the run-up to the wedding because we knew all the main stuff was being organised by you so we could just enjoy the build up to our big day! Once in Turkey you went through everything with us and it was lovely making arrangements at the harbour side in the early evening sun over a refreshing drink next to the Carole Ann knowing we were going to be getting married on there the following week. You gave us a phone so we could contact you at any time too which I really liked. Choosing the cake, flowers and going through our songs etc was so relaxed it didn’t really feel like we were making the final arrangements for our big day…isn’t that supposed to be stressful?!

On the day me my mum and bridesmaids were picked up from our hotels and taken to the salon where Kathy and the girls really looked after us. We all had a real pampering day and again I felt more relaxed than I ever thought possible!

Once back at the hotel we got ready and were picked up by the driver. Pulling up on the harbour side with our song playing and our closest family and friends…and of course Gareth all looking down from the yacht was just amazing and from that moment on we had the most wonderful time and the wedding was so much more than we ever imagined, we even had dolphins by the side of the boat when the photos were being taken. The sunset was just beautiful and has made for the best wedding pictures that we or any of our friends and family has ever seen.

Everything from start to finish was just perfect and whenever we watch the video we feel we are back there which is so lovely. The pictures though do not capture the unique and wonderful atmosphere of the day but do show just how romantic it was.

Thank you for everything; it really is a day we will always look back on with very fond memories.s

Fiona and Gareth
Torbay 16th June

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