Feyzi-Kay Sar?gül

Karla Eszenyi
19th May 2018
Carol Maddison
19th May 2018

We would like to say a massive thank you to the Beach Weddings by Carole team, firstly Lynette Carrington foralways promptly answering any questions we had and helping us with all of the documents required as Feyzi is Turkish itwas a little stressful as everything was slightly different but the help we received was great and it all went smoothly!Next we would like to thank Aaron Carrington for meeting with us and running through all of the details so everything wouldbe perfect and it really was! Thank you to Levent Ercetin for driving us all over the place to sort out all of the final touchesand to Ümit Zeytinci for all of the amazing photos – we have only just finished going through them as there were over 1100 andover 2 1/2 hours of video, everyone commented how they had never been to a wedding with so many pictures which is lovely asthere are so many memories we get to treasure and we can show our family and friends who were unable to make it! We werelucky enough to win an entertainment package as we were the 500th booking, nearly 1 year ago and it was outstanding –the belly dancer was great and got everyone involved so watching the video back yesterday had everyone in stitches, the fire show was also fabulous – we don’t know how he does it,the heat from a few metres away was intense, let alone for him so close to his body! We had a truly amazing day and wish all of the past, present and future couples every happiness!

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