Debbie Cairns with Chris Cairns

Cat O’Neill
19th May 2018
Gemma Price
19th May 2018

Last year we decided to renew our vows as 2016 would be our 10th wedding anniversary and our eldest daughter is always saying she wanted to be at our wedding lol so when the time came we thought we would just turn up at the beach and say our vows little did we the amazing effort Aaron Carrington and Lynette Carrington put into even just a vowel renewal. There was so much on offer to help make it as exciting and special as possible. They put you at ease and nothing is too much trouble even when we changed the date while in turkey it was all sorted and on the day they are so professional. We had our ceremony on Billy’s beach and it looked beautiful the decor was perfect, the lanterns and seating looked so pretty. David the celebrant spoke as though he had known us years and made it so personal. So what started as doing something for our daughters turned into a beautiful and magical occasion we’ll never forget. Thank you to all involved

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