Debbie and Paul Ryan

Adele and Greg foxwell
11th June 2018
Gemma and Mark
11th June 2018

Hi Carole, Lovely to hear from you and Happy New Year to you too. We are pleased to send our testimonial to you and are happy for you to print our e-mail address and my phone number which is 07796 867479 in case anyone would like to contact us. Thank you so much for planning a fabulous wedding for us on 8th July 2012. It truly was a wonderful day. We went with Guru in April to Antalya to prepare all of the necessary paperwork etc, we expected a long and tiring day however we have to say, it all went really well. Very smoothly and easy. Guru dealt with everything for us, the scenery was stunning and the journey flew by. I had been a little bit uneasy about our visit to the clinic in Fethiye but there is absolutely nothing to worry about, there are no blood tests and nothing to it! On the big day, the weather was fantastic and the beach (seating and red carpet etc) looked lovely. The service was so special, simple and beautiful, just as we wished. I can’t praise your photographer enough, he was patient and accommodating and we were presented with an album of beautiful wedding photos, a CD of all the photos taken and the wedding DVD about 4 days after the wedding – we are thrilled with them! Your girls were wonderful, the wedding tables were beautiful, the food was good and the evening went brilliantly. The DJ was great, our entertainment dancers were fantastic and we and our guests had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for all your hard work and making our day so special – wish we could do it all again this year! Debbie and Paul Ryan Wedding Beach 8th July 2012

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