Couple 60

Couple 59
26th March 2023

28/08/2022 We Said I Do!

In Maris Beach 🤍

I can’t stress enough how amazing the entire team have been start to finish and nothing is ever too much trouble. We had a very quick, very small intimate wedding 4 adults 1 infant… just the way we wanted it. No drama (well a little from our boy as it was extremely hot) but that didn’t stop us.

The whole set up was stunning and I am so glad I opted for the pampas theme. This is our personalities to a T. Our whole home is full of it and it would only be right to continue that on our wedding day.

Everything was extremely organised. It was perfect for us. It was everything we ever imagined.

Thank you to the ENTIRE team for making our dreams come true 👰🏻🤵🏼‍♂️👦🏼🤍🌾

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