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Lee Burrows
26th March 2023
Mr & Mrs Toft 💞
26th March 2023

After putting our deposit down in 2017 then having Thomas cook go bust & 2 years of covid causing numerous cancellations we finally got to get married on 06/08/2022 on Billys Beach!

Lynette has answered so many messages from me over the years I’m surprised she didn’t do a runner from me 😂

Our wedding meeting was so easy the driver took us to the registry office, the hospital to declare we didn’t want bloods done, asked if we needed the Florist then took us to The tonic bar to meet with Aaron.

Aaron was so professional but also laid back and had us laughing in minutes, I also got to meet Clare who helped with me last minute changes I needed to make too, from that it was just 2 days until the wedding day!

Well what can I say about the wedding… it was AMAZING!!

It was honestly So worth the wait, we had so many extras we added to the package (drone, back drop, acrobats, dance floor, bouncy castle, sweet cart, extra photography, cars & so much more) and they were all so worth having and I wouldn’t change the wedding at all in any way at all I really wouldn’t!

Lynette Carrington Aaron Carrington Clare Hopkins you are all one in a million!

We collected our wedding album & USB stick with our unedited video on only 2 days after the wedding too ⭐️

We had a good few nights in tonic bar after the wedding the place is honestly one of the best in hisaronu and that’s saying something seeing as we’ve been going for 12 years and know a good load of them!

We used goldfinger for hair & make up and trust me that’s the place to go, our hair and make up was still perfectly in place the next day and believe me there was a lot of hugs, sweat & tears!! (We also got stuck in a lift at the hotel after our trials and we’re drenched but walked out over an hour later face & hair perfect although we were covered in glass where we had to be smashed out!)

I could go on & on I really could but I won’t 😂

If anyone wants to ask anything im more than happy to answer you all xx

I’ll add the edited video when I get it too x

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