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26th March 2023
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26th March 2023

Our wedding was absolutely perfect! We cannot thank you enough for our special day! You made it a dream come true for us! Lynette Carrington and Aaron Carrington went out of their way for us to make sure our wedding was perfect! We really didn’t have to do much at all apart from choose our colours get our outfits and send invites out! Lynette and Aaron did the rest! We put all our faith into Lynette and Aaron and we didn’t have to bother worrying about anything!

So ladies if your worried about anything to do with your wedding and want a stress free wedding planning and want to just put your faith into wedding planners Lynette and Aaron are your team! 🙌🏽 They have the perfect eye for any wedding! Literally our part was effortless! You know what is brides are like!!! 🤣 I 100% did not have to worry about anything! And this was my 2nd and last wedding! We booked our wedding and didn’t have contact with Lynette until 6 months before the wedding in the mean time we got our outfits and stressed more about that than the actual smaller finer details which Lynette and Aaron took care of! We got our Affidavits which was stressful I admit however Lynette was there to reassure us!

If you want a stress free wedding planning and want to feel like a celebrity, prince and princess for the day then Beach Weddings by Carole are your team! I highly recommend them! Thank you so much Lynette and Aaron we love you! ❤️🙏🏽 you guys are absolutely amazing! ❤️

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