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11th June 2018
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11th June 2018

Hi Carole and team

Happy new year to you all. I bet you were all glad for the rest at the end of a very busy season! I have been visiting Turkey for about 14 years and always dreamt of getting married on the beach. When we saw your advert whilst on a Carole’s excursion it seemed to good to be true. When we returned home from that holiday we got the ball rolling straight away, and couldn’t believe we were going to get our dream wedding and such a great price!

For all the years enjoying the beautiful Turkish sunshine it had to be the year we get married that we see terrible weather! It was soo bad that it started to look like we wouldn’t get our dream wedding after all! Carole and the team worked so hard finding an alternative venue, which was beautiful, but not the reason why we decided to get married in Turkey. The hardest decision to make was go for the beach and keep everything crossed that the weather would be on our side. IT WAS!!

The trip to Antalya, we knew was going to be a long day, but it was well organised. We got through the consulate and legalities with ease and was able to choose our cake and my flowers on the same day.

Our actual wedding was brilliant, starting with a huge sigh of relief that the sun was shining, and was still shining at lunch time. That’s when We knew it was still going to go ahead on the beach. The beach was beautifully decorated and was just as we had imagined. The flowers were perfect, the food was delicious, the cake was just right, and the belly dancer was the icing on the cake.

We were soo happy with the way everything turned out and were really pleased with our photo album and dvd. Huge thanks to you all, we will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to marry abroad.

Thanks again x

Anna & Kevin McGuane
13th September 2009
Anna Curling

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