Amanda & Mark

Kind regards
11th June 2018
Zoe & Mark
11th June 2018

Hi Carole

Just wanted to thank you for everything you arranged for our wedding in July 13. We couldn’t have asked for a better day! We would therefore be delighted to offer a testimonial to your services.

We had spent some time trawling through the internet at different sites that offered wedding packages, but in the end we opted for Carol as the reviews were all positive. Emails were replied to promptly and all questions were answered, despite how minor, putting our minds at ease. Carole contacted us at all of the different stages to let us know what to do next. She was so lovely and patient when I kept changing our colour scheme due fussy bridesmaids. One big tip I would offer to future brides is to do what you want, not what everyone else wants. It can get so stressful with everyone changing their minds, but at the end of the day it is YOUR wedding, not theirs.

The trip to Antalya was a long day and early start, but our Driver was fantastic. He chatted with us during our journey, stopping off for lunch, and even stopped at a chemist for us as I was in agony with mosquito bites! He took us to choose our wedding cake and accompanied us to the GP for our ‘medical’.

The early start wasn’t as bad as I thought – in fact I got up at the crack of dawn the following day too – it was lovely listening to the birds and drinking coffee without the humid heat.

On our return from Antalya we met up with Carole who introduced us to Aaron who would be looking after us and making all of the arrangements. He was great. Aaron went through the wedding day’s schedule with us, showed us the vows we would be taking and how we would be getting there etc.

There were only one or two slight hiccups on the day, one in that our guests were originally to be picked up on the main road and myself and my bridesmaids at our villa. However, having gone to the beach location and having a drink at the bar prior to the wedding, we chatted with the owner (who would be driving the wedding car) and introduced ourselves . He said his driver would collect our guests from the villa 15 minutes before I was to leave.

Unfortunately he forgot to tell his driver! This meant that I had to sit in the car and wait until the guests had left, and then we drove slow to Olu Deniz. Apart from being so hot and sweaty, it was okay because we sat at the top of the hill watching everyone on the beach get themselves organised. It didn’t spoil our day though and this shouldn’t have any reflection on Carol’s services. The wedding itself was truly beautiful. I thought I was going to be a complete nervous wreck but in fact I was the opposite! I was completely relaxed and would advise anyone who gets nervous to get married this way! I’m really sorry I can’t remember her name, but our translator was brilliant.
The photographer was amazing!! He made you feel so completely at ease that you forgot you were having your wedding photographs taken, which incidentally are wonderful and so many of them. The food was lovely but was spoiled by the presence of wasps and everyone running away from the table. However, Aaron subsequently sorted this by bringing out the citronella candles and got rid of the little blighters.

We had organised the fire show as a surprise for our guests which was really good and the kids enjoyed it. Only downside was that they turned up late and we were still waiting to have our first dance which seemed to cut short our ‘party time’. After the wedding we met up again with Carole in Fethiye as planned to go the Registry Office. She told us what to write and where to sign etc and then presented us with a photo album of our wedding day. It was fantastic. We couldn’t recommend a better photographer. In total I think there were about 500 photos on a CD and a video as well as the album.

So, to summarise I would definitely recommend Carole and her team for planning your dream wedding and I would definitely recommend Turkey, it is a beautiful country. The biggest downside is that now it’s all done I want to do it all again!lol. Obviously with my same wonderful husband, Mark.

Amanda & Mark

Beach Wedding 22 June 2013

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