Mr & Mrs Liadi

Roy Freeman
9th March 2022
Gerry Anderson Gill
9th March 2022

25th September 2020 was the date I got to marry my Husband, and we couldn’t have done it without Lynette and Aaron !

From the beginning they were so helpful, I had to change from Cyprus to Turkey and there was no problem with it, within minutes I had a new booking confirmation

Throughout the time we had to wait (booked Feb 2017!) I had so many random questions and requests that were handled so quick. I didn’t have any worry about planning any of the ceremony or reception throughout which is every brides dream!

Of course with it being 2020 we were worried it may not happen but we with the best customer service they offered us to secure a new date just incase and if we could go ahead we could use the deposit toward the one that goes ahead which they did not have to do. They saved so many couples from so much worry during a hard time already!

We were one of the lucky couples that could go away to get married. Trust us to get married during a worldwide pandemic!

As we hit Turkey, we knew when we would be completing the arrangements and we didn’t have to worry about transport as they arranged all of that from Savaş picking us up from the hotel, going round to comple all the arrangements, meeting with Aaron to go through the plan and to getting back.

On the day, it went so smooth! The coach turned up perfectly on time. The guests, aged from 1 to 69, were all taken to the beach… and had their photos taken whilst waiting for me so were occupied throughout

Then it was my turn, as I got to the beach I was amazed by how much hard work had been put in to make it so perfect.

Lynette and Aaron had planned everything, down to sorting out my favours so I didn’t have that pressure! I mean, after having to rebook the holiday 5 times this was so refreshing.

The day was then so smooth, the food was the best we had had all holiday and the cake! Just wow!

We had the belly dancer and she was fantastic at getting the party started and got all the guests involved from old to young.

Every detail was thought of, I am fussy but if I had to do it all again there is not one thing I would change. 100% would recommend them to absolutely anyone who wishes to get married

You guys are the best!

Thankyou from Mr & Mrs Liadi

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